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Talkcast 10pm ET: Mac Computer Expo preview, Maps & more

Sunday night means properly-officiated football and premium television viewing. Of course, it also means that it's Talkcast time again. Tonight, it's our opportunity to look ahead to the Mac Computer Expo next week in Petaluma, CA. The one-day event is sure to be fun-filled, not to mention that it...

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Macworld 2011 to be 30-35 percent larger, host Featured Artists sessions

We're still pre-Thanksgiving, so we have a whole three months of holidays to get through, but it's never too early to start thinking about the next iteration of Macworld. Macworld 2011 is taking place next January 26-29 in San Francisco, and just like last year, TUAW will be there all week long wit...

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Macworld 2010: The show floor in 56 seconds

Have a spare 60 seconds? Want to see the entire Macworld Expo 2010 show floor? Take a look at the above video, which is a time lapse of a walkaround of the show floor this morning before the Expo opened. This was taken with an iPhone 3GS and the iTimeLapse app, so the quality leaves a little bit ...

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Macworld '09 registration opens today

Pull out your credit cards, Apple fans. Registration has officially opened for next January's Macworld Expo in sunny California. There are eight tracks of events to follow this year, including graphic design, digital photography, digital music, IT and more. Plus, Steve Jobs usually shows up with an ...

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Steve Jobs will not give Apple Expo Paris keynote

Our hearts go out to all the Apple Expo Paris attendees in the audience, for Steve Jobs will not be giving a keynote yet again this year. In fact, there won't be any keynote at all. A show representative confirmed this keynote-less announcement with Macworld UK, citing that, while Apple has seen "si...

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New MacBreak podcast from Leo and friends

Yet another vidcast (and site) from Leo and friends has launched in the iTMS by the name of MacBreak (iTMS link). Its inaugural episode stars Leo Laporte, Alex Lindsay, Amber MacArthur and a new face in the Leo party: Emery Wells. This first episode is roughly 30 minutes of video coverage from the M...

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Macworld Expo Boston 06, we hardly knew ye

Even though we've had meetups at and reports from Macworld Expo Boston, and even though Dave Caolo all but promised us Macworld was staying in Boston, it appears more powerful forces were at work, as Macworld is reporting that Macworld Expo Boston has been cancelled - for good. The reason is no surp...

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No Jobs keynote at Mac Expo Paris

Apple has confirmed today that Steve Jobs will not be delivering a keynote speech at Mac Expo in Paris later this month. Instead, Apple executives (including Jobs) will host a Q&A with members of the media. "Yes, Steve will be at Apple Expo with other members of Apple's executive team," said App...

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We'll always have Paris... or will we?

Apple unveiled the iMac G5 at Apple Expo in Paris last summer. The Powerbooks were introduced there in 2003. In other words, there's a history of Apple announcing super-cool hardware at the Apple Expo. This has many speculating about what this year's Paris Expo (Sept. 20-24) has in store for Apple f...

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Apple hardware at Macworld Boston

This year I have been lucky enough to convince the suits at my day job to send me to Macworld Boston. I went last year, too, and attended a couple of very informative workshops on Filemaker Pro. This year I'll be learning about Xserve administration, since we got a shiny, new one not long ago. Sure,...

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