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AlienTube lets you replace YouTube comments with Reddit threads

YouTube is a wonderful part of living in modern times. Right now with a few simple keystrokes you can find video of almost anything from a tiny hamster eating tiny burritos to news reports directly from war zones. There are two tradeoffs for using YouTube. The first, advertising, is just part of...

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Apple releases Chrome and Firefox extensions for Windows for iCloud bookmark syncing

Apple has quietly released extensions for the Chrome and Firefox desktop browsers for Windows. The extensions allow Windows users to sync their Safari iOS bookmarks across the two browsers. Prior to the Firefox and Chrome extension release, iOS Safari bookmark syncing was limited to Windows Explorer...

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Mountain Lion: Get your RSS button back in Safari 6

One of the most irritating omissions from Safari 6 -- the default Web browser in OS X Mountain Lion -- is that the RSS button has been removed from near the address bar. In fact, Safari no longer supports RSS feed reading natively, either. The feature page for Safari on Apple's site makes no me...

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Friday Favorite: After the Deadline

I spend a lot of time in the web browser, so much that I use web apps more than their standalone counterparts. I use twitter.com to compose a tweet, gmail.com to check my email and so on. As a result, I use several plug-ins and extensions to improve the efficiency of my online work. In a previo...

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Apple extends MobileMe subscriptions by 30 days

Apple has extended every MobileMe subscription by a month, due to the exceptionally ornery transition this past week. "The .Mac to MobileMe transition was a lot rockier than we had hoped," Apple spokesman Bill Evans told Macworld. "We want to apologize to our loyal customers and express our appreci...

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Firefox Quick Add extension for Google Calendar

Elias Torres has put together a most excellent Google Calendar Quick Add extension for Firefox. If you aren't familiar with gCal's Quick Add feature, it's in the upper left of gCal (or just hit 'q' on your keyboard), and it's great: you can create a new event simply by typing it as a sentence, such...

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