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Bungie details iPad release of Crimson: Steam Pirates, coming next week

Man, after all the rumors, it almost seems expected: Bungie has finally announced its first original project for the iPad, a game called Crimson: Steam Pirates. It's due out on the iPad next week, and will let you command a steampunk crew across a turn-based battlefield, combining strategy, act...

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Dixie Chicks, Commentaries, and Bonus items in iTunes

Here's the thing. iTunes is rotten at video extras and it totally rocks at music ones. I recently bought a DVD of Cars. It had Easter eggs and it had bonus features. So do a lot of my other DVDs, which unlike Cars add commentaries into the mix as well. So I handbraked the DVD and my iPod has the mo...

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CamiScript 4.0

CamiScript, the script menu plugin for Camino, has been updated to version 4.0. This isn't quite a landmark release that enables Camino to fly around your room or tell you the future (besides, some day, the latter will be Google's job), but this new version does bring one big handy new feature: the ...

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Pimp your Camino

Safari isn't the only browser that can pimp it these days, as it looks like Camino has its own custom parts shop now. Pimp My Camino (started by John Hicks; he who set up Pimp my Safari) keeps track of the plugins, addons, haxies and scripts (and more!) for Mozilla's fantastic Camino browser. I don'...

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