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FAA: airline passengers may use electronic devices during all phases of flight

We all know the drill. You're on a plane before takeoff, checking your email or perhaps watching a movie on your Mac, iOS or Android device. Before you know it, the captain announces that all electronic devices need to be shut off before takeoff. You grudgingly comply. Thankfully, that drill will...

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FAA: WiFi safe to use during takeoff, landing

Within the next year or so, travelers may find that the restrictions from using mobile devices and in-flight WiFi on aircraft during takeoff and landing are lifted. Last week, a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) panel recommended that the use of devices during those critical flight segments ...

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FAA planning to let you use your gadgets in flight

I know those flight attendants are just doing their job, but I've always resented being made to "turn off" my iPhone and iPad during pre-flight announcements. Ever since Mythbusters disproved it, I've never believed that there was a problem between my iPad's wireless connection and the airplane'...

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US Federal Aviation Administration to re-examine in-flight electronics use

Chances are good that you'll still need to put your electronic devices away during takeoff and landing, but the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is forming a combined government-industry group to determine when your computer, smartphone and tablet can be safely used. The major reason ...

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FAA to expand iPad usage, create app store

According to a report on aviation website AVweb, the Federal Aviation Administration plans to expand the use of the iPad by its employees. By 2014, employees will be given the choice to replace their laptops with an iPad and possibly other Android tablets. The FAA has found that the iPad improv...

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American Airlines pilots could use iPads as early as Friday

The FAA has given the nod to American Airlines to start using iPads in flight cockpits as early as Friday, a ZDNet source informed the site. American Airlines conducted a test program in June, which started with electronic charts and moved to replacing paper books and charts. A pilot told Tec...

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Travel reminder: Spare laptop batteries now verboten in checked bags

Planning a big trip in the new year? Someplace, I dunno, kinda hilly and foggy? If you're bringing along spare batteries for your laptop, take note of new FAA regulations starting January 1: lithium batteries, such as the Li-ion packs that power the MacBook Pro, are no longer permitted in checked ba...

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