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Tag: Fantastical

Track your big events with Widget Countdown

There are big events in life. Some we can't wait for, others we dread. It's easy to put them on the calendar, but thats not as immediately clear as seeing just how many days or hours remain until something happens. Widget Countdown puts your big events front and center where it's easy to keep tr...

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Fantastical 2 for iPhone, iPad goes iOS 8-only

iOS 8 is still fresh out of the oven, but one of the most popular calendar apps on the App Store is going all-in on the latest release. Fantastical 2 for iPhone and iPad scores a new update today, complete with widget functionality for the Notification Center and a new landscape layout option for ...

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Fantastical 2.1 for iOS adds new snooze, search and notification features

Flexibits' Fantastical 2.1 for iOS is available today with a host of new features, improvements and bug fixes. The calendar, reminders and to-dos app is a major hit with the TUAW team, so we're always pleased to see an update to this fantastic app! Check out our review of Fantastical 2.0 for iPhon...

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Fantastical shines on the iPad's display

Fantastical from Flexibits has been my go-to calendar on the Mac and iPhone for a long time now. This week the company released an iPad version (US$9.99) that takes advantage of the device's big display. The app isn't simply larger on the iPad. The developers clearly sat down and considered how th...

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Best Mac apps of 2013: Talkcast recap

On this Sunday's TUAW Talkcast, several Mac pundits picked out their favorite Mac apps of 2013. Our own Michael Rose convened the panel, including GeekBeat TV host Benjamin Roethig; TUAW TV Live host Shawn "Doc Rock" Boyd (who hates snow); longtime TUAW contributor, app developer and podcaster Bre...

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Fantastical 2 re-designed and re-engineered for iOS 7

I've been using the new version of Fantastical for a few weeks now, and if you liked the first version, you're going to love the new version. Fantastical has always been designed for ease of use and worked like a dream, but Fantastical 2 builds on those strengths and takes advantage of some key iOS ...

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Fantastical 1.1 adds multiple alarms, clipboard detection, other improvements

Fantastical 1.1 for iPhone (currently US$3.99) is now available with some seriously nice new features (here's our full review of Fantastical 1.0 for iPhone). Now you can add multiple alarms to an event, jump to a specific date easily, duplicate events and even detect what's on the clipboard. Here'...

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Fantastical for iPhone a fast, good-looking alternative to Calendar

Flexibits has released Fantastical for iPhone (half-off at US$1.99 for a limited time), a mobile companion to its popular calendaring solution for the Mac (here's our review of Fantastical for Mac). I've been using it for a few days and quite enjoying it. Fantastical for iPhone makes it super easy...

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Fantastical 1.3 adds reminders, bug fixes

Flexibits has released an update to its Fantastical menu-bar calendar tool. Fantastical 1.3 adds support for both iOS and iCal reminders. That's a feature I've been waiting for. You can choose which calendar's reminders Fantastical should display, and they're color-coded to match the parent calend...

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Fantastical 1.2.2 available, prepares for Mountain Lion's Gatekeeper

Fantastical by Flexibits has been updated to version 1.2.2 to address, among other things, Gatekeeper support in Apple's forthcoming Mountain Lion. Fantastical is a fantastic tool for the Mac that I've been using for quite a while (here's our comparison of Fantastical and Today). It lives unobtr...

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Fantastical 1.1 offers editing, notes, full iCloud support

Fantastical by Flexibits has been updated to version 1.1, which offers a slew of new features. Users can now edit events and notes within Fantastical, and changes are immediately synchronized with iCloud. There's a lot to like about this new version, including behind-the-scenes bug fixes that make...

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Fantastical 1.0.2 for Mac supports BusyCal

While I read our review of Fantastical with much enthusiasm, as a longtime BusyCal user I simply couldn't afford to play dice with my calendar. But Fantastical 1.0.2 is now available, and the primary update appears to be that the natural-language calendar tool now plays nice with BusyCal. You can ...

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TUAW Talkcast, June 5: WWDC Edition!

Sunday, Sunday Sunday!!!! You know what that means, it's Talkcast time! We have a whole stack of rampant speculation on WWDC 2011 which starts this week, your standard issue Mac news, and a pre-announced VERY special guest: Michael Simmons from Flexibits who is not only going to chat development w...

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Fantastical vs. Today: Mac calendar app faceoff (Updated)

Earlier this week I reviewed Flexibit's new Fantastical app and Today from Second Gear Software. Both offer attractive and useful front-end access to iCal. Today I'll compare the two head-to-head and pick a favorite. Why these two apps? First, Fantastical is the fresh newcomer, garnering much w...

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Fantastical improves the Mac desktop calendar experience

Calendaring on the Mac has come a long way since I was using Palm Desktop on a 333 MHz iMac. iCal is the Mac OS default today, and it works well. There is room for improvement, however, and Fantastical takes a huge step in the right direction. This handy app lives in your menu bar, providing qui...

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