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Mel's favorite iOS apps of 2010

I thought this might be a hard list to come up with, but I really just took a look at the apps that I use every day, and that made it easy. I won't be including built-in apps like Safari or Mail, but the things that third-party developers have come up with that make having an iPhone such a pleasure....

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Our Favorite Apps: Stuff that stayed on our phones in 2009

As the year draws to a close, we thought we'd shine a spotlight on some of the favorite apps we used this year. These are the "sticky" apps, the ones that lingered on our iPhones after we gave them a preliminary spin. There's so much on the App Store, good, bad and indifferent; here are a few sugge...

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My Favorite iPhone Apps: Erica's Take

When it comes to the iPhone, it's really really difficult to narrow my app love down to just three picks. So with apologies in advance for all those amazing applications that didn't make this cut, let me jump in with three choices that I simply do not live without on my (jailbroken) iPhone: Cydia. W...

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