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TUAW Tip: Generate iTunes Store RSS feeds

iTunes obviously has a great deal of data about its sales; Apple is quite aware of the top sellers among its music, apps, movies and podcasts. That information is also available through RSS feeds. If you want to share that data on your website, or even if you just want it in your RSS reader, you can...

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White House releases official app for free

The White House (as in, the home of the American President Barack Obama) has introduced a brand new iPhone app, according to White House blogger Dave Cole. The app is a one-stop shop for everything there is to know about what the president's up to, including blog posts, a newsroom, photos, videos, ...

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Regator provides news aggregation for the more blog-minded

Catching up on the happenings around the blogosphere is a difficult task. Luckily, I happened to stumble upon John Burke's Download Squad piece on the release of Regator [iTunes link]. So, if you'd like to get caught up on the latest news, insights and commentary on Rod Blagojevich around the blogo...

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Apple posts "Notebook" keynote event video

If you've been reading TUAW today, you already know all of the exciting news from today's event. However, some people would rather hear it straight from Steve's mouth instead of reading the "spoilers," so here's your chance. Apple just posted the keynote video for the Apple Special Event. You can...

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Use Pingie to get Macworld alerts from TUAW on your mobile

Next week is going to be a busy one for the Mac blogosphere and TUAW is no exception. Sure, you can watch our Twitter feed for goings-on (we'll be reporting our location regularly), or subscribe to our Macworld 2008 tag feed, but what about keeping tabs while you jog? Enter Pingie. As Nik explains o...

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An exhaustive exploration of Netnewswire

Blogger Shawn Blanc has written an exhaustively thorough review of NewNewsWire (We interviewed Brent Simmons, author of NetNewsWire, over the summer). He begins with a description of how he first became aware of the application and goes on to describe a history of the UI, his "favorite things" about...

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iPhone-Free TUAW feed

Inspired by Engadget and by popular request, here's an iPhone-free feed of TUAW posts courtesy of Yahoo Pipes for all of you who are sick to death about all things iPhone. To subscribe, click the Subscribe button at the top left (just under "Edit Source") and select from Get as RSS, My Yahoo, Add to...

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Beta Beat: NetNewsWire 3.0 sneak peek

Brent Simmons has released the first public 'sneak peek' (note: it isn't even a beta) of NetNewsWire 3.0, a much-anticipated new version of his immensely popular RSS client which NewsGator acquired in 2005. Brent has made a brief announcement on his blog, reminding everyone that there's still a lo...

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Screencast of endo's ability to handle event feeds

The endo blog today linked a well-produced screencast (.MOV link) of endo's ability to handle event feeds, an RSS microformat. The screencast walks through endo's feed discovery, pin-pointing a specific event feed from a blog, and then endo's ability to add these events to iCal, complete with a cho...

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