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Morning news roundup for December 23, 2013

Here's a look at what's going on in the Apple world as of this morning, December 23. A new Mac Pro, an iffy iOS jailbreak and a doomed Opel Corsa are just a few highlights. Let's begin, shall we? spends 24 hours with Apple's Mac Pro and Final Cut Pro 10.1. The notably quiet Mac Pro (the so...

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Steve Jobs once considered abandoning the Pro market

When Apple released Final Cut Pro X, a debate raged concerning whether or not Apple was devoting enough resources towards its pro users. While Final Cut Pro X has improved in many ways since it first launched, many video professionals felt that the original offering was a step backwards in functiona...

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Apple updates Final Cut Pro X, Compressor and Motion ahead of NAB

Next week is the big show: the National Association of Broadcasters' annual exhibition and conference in Las Vegas kicks off April 14, and every video software and hardware company will be on hand, eager to meet customers new and old. Just in time to land on laptops before everyone packs up for...

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Final Cut Studio back on sale, Final Cut Pro X haters rejoice (Updated)

Update: Apple tells The Loop that this is basically leftover stock. So, buy it now or forever enjoy the progress of FCP X, for better or worse. For those users who've decided Final Cut Pro X just isn't for them (and by the sounds of things, quite a lot of people feel that way), there's now hope. A...

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First-Person Final Cut Pro X, Day One: Completely at Sea

Professional film & video editor Matthew Levie is based in San Francisco, produced and edited the documentary Honest Man and writes Blog and Capture. First-Person Final Cut Pro X is the unvarnished story of his week-long introduction to the new Final Cut. [Note that all opinions and assessm...

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Reported Motion 5, Final Cut Pro X screen shots

Earlier today Twitter user BWilks2001 posted screenshots of what is allegedly Motion 5. Motion is part of the Final Cut Studio suite and while Apple previewed Final Cut Pro X in April, it has not shown off any of the other apps from the suite -- even though Apple has said the next Final Cut Stu...

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Apple says "stay tuned" for other Final Cut Studio apps, shows The Loop screenshots

At the FCPUG SuperMeet at NAB yesterday, Apple unveiled Final Cut Pro X, the latest iteration of its non-linear video editing application. The new version includes such features as color management, background rendering, improved keyword and metadata support and a magnetic timeline that lets yo...

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Final Cut Pro X announced at NAB SuperMeet

As widely rumored, Apple's Peter Steinauer took the stage at the SuperMeet during NAB in Las Vegas to introduce the latest version of Final Cut, Final Cut Pro X. The new video editing app (last revised in July of 2009) adds full 64-bit compatibility with a full rewrite of the platform. Final Cut ...

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Talkcast tonight, 10 PM ET: Pro video preview from NAB

It's Sunday night, and that means talkcast time! This week, as the NAB convention kicks off in Las Vegas, we look ahead to the highly-anticipated next step in pro video editing from Apple. Yes, the rumor mill around Final Cut Pro is percolating with extreme prejudice, so there's no better time to ...

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Final Cut updates due in March or April, Steve Jobs still sour on Blu-ray

Hardmac has kicked off the new year with some more rumors about Final Cut Studio being updated. We already knew (since the app wasn't updated last September) that Final Cut Studio has been due for some streamlining, and Hardmac says that, indeed, there are multiple beta versions running around. The...

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Final Cut Studio update supposedly due next year

Frustrated by the Final Cut delay, consultant Dustyn Gobler sent sent Steve Jobs an email asking for status update. Jobs supposedly replied (we can't confirm that Gobler did in fact receive a message back from Jobs) with "A great release of Final Cut is coming early next year." Hardmac reported i...

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Rumor: Final Cut Studio update delayed until 2011

Those waiting on an update to Final Cut Studio may have to continue to do so, as a new rumor suggests it won't be released this year. Quoting a "source," Hardmac reports that the development of the next major update to Final Cut Studio has suffered "significant setbacks" and won't be available until...

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Final Cut Studio won't be dumbed down

On Tuesday, Appleinsider wrote that Apple's Final Cut team may refocus the application suite's focus from its current professional target to a more "prosumer" type of customer. Since then, many avid Final Cut Studio users have lamented the possibility of an iMovie 8-style "dumbing down" of the video...

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Apple releases Pro Applications, Canon Printer Drivers updates

Apple has released two new updates. The first is Pro Applications Update 2010-01. The update is a revision to Final Cut Studio (2009). It includes Final Cut Pro 7.0.2, Motion 4.0.2, Color 1.5.2, Compressor 3.5.2, Apple Qmaster 3.5.2 and Cinema Tools 4.5.1. Apple says the software improves overall st...

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Apple releases ProKit 5.1 update

Step right up for an update for ProKit apps. According to Apple: "This ProKit Update fixes issues with user interface software resources that are shared by Apple's professional applications. The issues addressed include: Corrected an issue with improper scrolling behavior. Resolved m...

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