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FireCore releases updated Apple TV jailbreak tool

Jailbreak provider FireCore announced yesterday that it has released an update to the Seas0nPass jailbreak tool and aTV Flash (black) Apple TV software. The update supports the 5.2 Apple TV software released by Apple on January 28, 2013, which is essentially iOS 6.1 for the little black box. ...

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aTV Flash (black) for jailbroken Apple TVs updated with NFS support, more

FireCore just updated aTV Flash (black), an alternative software package for the second generation Apple TV. With a jailbroken Apple TV and the FireCore software, you can use the media device to surf the web, stream content from a NAS, play back popular media formats (MKV, AVI, MP4) and more. ...

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Seas0nPass for Mac now supports untethered AppleTV jailbreak

The folks over at FireCore LLC announced today that their Seas0nPass had been updated to include an untethered jailbreak for the AppleTV 4.1.1 (iOS 4.2.1). Currently it is only for Mac, but a Windows version "will be available soon." The FireCore folks credit the Chronic Dev Team for the jailbreak, ...

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Seas0nPass jailbreak app for Apple TV now available

The folks at fireCore have released Seas0nPass, a jailbreak application for the second generation Apple TV. Seas0nPass is a tethered jailbreak solution that requires you to connect your Apple TV to your computer briefly during boot. Similar to the Pwnage tool app, the jailbreak application lets you ...

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Fire Core teases aTV Flash for Apple TV 2G

The Apple TV jailbreaking scene is maturing at a significant pace. We've already seen our first third-party app following the greenp0ison jailbreak, which was quickly followed by a demo of the Plex media center and some experiments with making it work with Wiimotes. Now, respected hackers of the ori...

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