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Tag: FireMint

Firemint devs form new Australian studio, Loveshack Entertainment

Joshua Boggs, Adrian Moore and Ollie Browne are three developers who formerly worked at Firemint, the venerated studio behind iOS hits like Flight Control, Spy Mouse, and (after an acquisition by EA and a merger with Iron Monkey to become Firemonkeys) the recent hit Real Racing 3. They decided ...

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EA joins Iron Monkey and Firemint mobile studios to create Firemonkeys

EA has announced that it's consolidating its two biggest mobile studios. Firemint is the developer behind Flight Control and Spy Mouse (and was acquired by EA last year), and Iron Monkey is the developer behind EA's iOS hits like Mass Effect Infiltrator and Dead Space. Those two Melbourne, Aust...

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Flight Control Rocket sequel out now

This game appeared for the first time relatively quietly at GDC, but it's now available on the App Store, so check out the sequel to one of the App Store's most popular games ever, Flight Control. The new one is called Flight Control Rocket, and though I was told that it was put together by the...

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EA previews titles from Chillingo and Firemint: New Flight Control, Burnout Crash, more

EA had a large suite set up at GDC last week to show off its various new and recent offerings. Here's a quick roundup of what the company is working on for iOS, including among all of its recent acquisitions: PopCap, Firemint, and Chillingo. PopCap was up first -- the popular casual games develope...

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Drive Real Racing for Mac with an iOS device, or steer your AR.Drone with a Mac

Firemint and EA have launched Real Racing on the Mac App Store just in time for Christmas. And not only does the game offer up the same high definition racing fun of the popular iOS series, but there's another twist as well: You can use an iPhone or iPad to control the game on your Mac. That's ...

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App Store holiday sales on now: GTA 3, id software, Dungeon Raid, lots more

The App Store freeze goes down today, so this is the last chance for many developers to put their apps on sale. And of course, many have taken advantage of that chance. Before we even start listing sales today, many of the sales previously listed, including EA and Gameloft's whole-catalog ...

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Kard Combat, Spy Mouse, more push big updates

Hothead Games' great freemium card game for iOS, Kard Combat, has gotten a big update this week in the App Store. The biggest new feature is a new "pass-and-play" multiplayer mode, which allows for two players with one iOS device in the same place to play their cards out, and then pass the devi...

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Real Racing 2 update brings splitscreen Party Play action

Real Racing 2, Firemint's popular car racing game for the iPhone, is all ready to take advantage of the improvements iOS 5 and the iPhone 4S will give users. Set to be released soon after iOS 5 launches, the next update to Real Racing 2 will introduce Party Play, a multi-player feature that all...

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Daily iPhone App: Spy Mouse

Firemint Games' latest title is finally out for iOS, and the early reviews are great. I played a prototype of this game over a year ago, and it's been through a few big revisions since then. But the same gameplay I saw in the very beginning is still there and as polished as it's going to get. S...

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Firemint hosts contest, win a chance to play Spy Mouse first

Developer Firemint (makers of the extremely popular Flight Control and Real Racing games) is about to release its latest game Spy Mouse. Along with parent company EA, it's hosting a contest to let a few players into the game early. You have to log in with Twitter over on this page, then "answer...

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Firemint's Rob Murray on blurring the line between desktop and tablet

148Apps is conducting a series of interviews with major iOS developers, and Rob Murray of Firemint is their latest target, with a few thoughts on the future directions of the games he's developing. Murray says mobile gaming isn't growing up into desktop technology -- it's the other way around. ...

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Firemint's Agent Squeek becomes Spy Mouse, gets a new trailer

It's been interesting watching the development of Firemint's next iPhone game -- I saw it in action way back at GDC 2010, but back then it was just a prototype without a name or even anything more than a few mechanics. More recently it was revealed as Agent Squeek, and looked like it was coming...

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More Father's Day app sales this weekend

That didn't take long -- yesterday, I predicted we'd see more app sales pop up for Father's Day, and here we are. Firemint has put its titles on sale for the weekend -- Real Racing 2 is down to $4.99 on the iPhone and $6.99 on the iPad, and the first game in the series is just 99 cents on ...

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Real Racing 2 HD brings console quality racing to the iPad

The words "console quality" have been bandied about quite a bit recently in relation to games written for Apple's iOS-powered devices. One of the games that kicked it all off was Firemint's Real Racing, which originally pushed the envelope of what the iPhone was capable of. Of course when the...

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EA iOS revenues up 100%, Firemint mentioned

EA held a conference call yesterday to talk about the past year's revenues, and it's no surprise that the mobile division is doing great. The mobile revenue total was $70 million for the last quarter, up 27 percent from the same period last year. It doesn't sound like things were quite as busy as ...

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