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Tag: Firmware

Apple disables downgrades from iOS 8 to iOS 7

So, you've upgraded to iOS 8 and now you're having second thoughts? Well, I'm sorry to tell you, but you no longer have the option of downgrading your device back to iOS 7. This sad news comes to you from developer Steven Troughton-Smith (via AppleInsider), who tweeted the information on Friday: ...

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Want to download old iPhone firmware? Here's where to find it

Do you miss your old firmware? Do you have an old device that for some reason you want to run like it's 2009? Well iOS fans, you are in luck. The folks over at TechArrival have compiled a list of download links to original iPhone iOS firmware files for every firmware version. Take a walk down mem...

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Researchers find a way into MacBook cameras

A few years ago, while on Skype, I asked a friend why his camera was dark. He replied that he had put tape over the camera light so that no one could spy on him. I wrote it off to paranoid silliness and told him that wasn't possible. Well, turns out I was wrong. Jeff Gamet at The MacObserver tell...

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Apple releases firmware fix for Toshiba SSDs in 2012 MacBook Airs

Apple has released MacBook Air Flash Storage Firmware Update 1.1. The update can be downloaded by running Software Update on compatible MacBook Airs. The update is for mid-2012 MacBook Airs and will, in most cases, install the new firmware. But the update also checks the reliability of the MacBook...

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Apple issues stability fix firmware update v1.2 for Thunderbolt

Have a Mac equipped with Thunderbolt? Then head on over to your friendly neighborhood Mac App Store this morning, click on Updates and get yourself a nice firmware update. Firmware update v1.2 for Thunderbolt "provides stability fixes for Thunderbolt and Target Disk Mode" and requires a machine r...

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Apple issues SMC update to MacBook Pro with Retina display, fixes fan issue

In addition to the OS X 10.8.3 update, Apple has also issued an update for the Retina MacBook Pro. The MacBook Pro Retina SMC Update v1.1 update addresses two major issues owners have been complaining about, including a rare issue where users may experience slow frame rates when playing graphic...

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Apple releases MacBook Pro firmware update to fix battery issues

Apple has released the MacBook Pro SMC Firmware Update 1.7. The update addresses a very specific issue owners of the MacBook Pro (15- and 17-inch models, Early 2011) and MacBook Pro (15- and 17-inch models, Mid 2010) were having. Though rare, the issue would cause the laptops to unexpectedly sh...

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Apple issues new AirPort and Time Capsule firmware, Airport Utility

It's a banner day for updates to all things AirPort. Apple has released version 7.6.3 of its AirPort Base Station and Time Capsule firmware, along with version 6.2 of the AirPort Utility for OS X 10.7.5 and later. The updated AirPort Base Station and Time Capsule firmware brings with it the abi...

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Apple rolls out firmware update to revive old, troubled batteries

Yesterday, Apple rolled out a trio of firmware updates for MacBook users to help address a rare issue that can cause the batteries to malfunction. The update targets the System Management Controller in the MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, which can run into issues as the computer ages. As ...

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Apple releases EFI Firmware Update 2.6 for mid-2012 MacBook Air

Apple has released an EFI Firmware Update 2.6 for mid-2012 MacBook Air models. The update fixes several annoying bugs that have been reported in Apple's online help discussion forums. From Apple's knowledge base article: About MacBook Air EFI Firmware Update 2.6 This update is recommended...

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Apple releases 2012 MacBook and iMac firmware updates

Apple has released an EFI firmware update for 2012 iMac and 13-inch MacBook Pro models. The updates are available via Software Update or direct download at the links below. Here are the details: MacBook Pro Retina EFI Update v1.1 This update is recommended for all 13-inch MacBook Pro wit...

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Apple fixes HDMI flickering issues with Mac mini EFI Firmware Update

Apple has released EFI Firmware Update 1.7 for the Mac mini, which addresses the frustrating flickering external HDMI monitors bug. From the release notes: About Mac mini EFI Firmware Update 1.7 This update addresses HDMI video flicker issues on Mac mini (Late 2012) computers and is re...

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Apple releases SMC updates to enable Power Nap in Mountain Lion

If you have a Mountain Lion machine eligible for Power Nap, one of OS X's new marquee features, you should check Software Update (via the Mac App Store) to make sure you've got the latest firmware. The enablers for the 2011 MacBook Air machines and the 2012 models were released on July 25, and t...

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Redsn0w update lets iPad 2, new iPad, iPhone 4S downgrade to older firmware

The iPhone Dev Team released version 0.9.11b1 of redsn0w last week that lets you restore IPSWs directly to your iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPhone 4S. This means recent iOS device owners can now downgrade their firmware using the jailbreak tool. This is good news for folks who updated to iOS 5.1.1 or iO...

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Apple releases iMac Graphic, MacBook Pro EFI firmware updates

Apple recently released two firmware updates that address graphics problems in the iMac and select MacBook Pro models. The iMac update fixes a graphics issue in Lion that would lock up the all-in-one machine, while the MacBook Pro update targets 15-inch, late 2008 models with a flickering display....

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