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Tag: Flickr

The death of an iPod

Apple's gadgets even die in the most adorable ways. Let's have a moment of silence for this fallen musical soldier. [Photo credit: Enrico Palombaro]...

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The sexiest Mac desk you'll ever see... from 1988

Everyone takes photos of their Mac desks these days, but rarely do we get a glimpse at setups from yesteryear. Ned Raggett was ahead of the game in 1988, snapping a photo of his computer desk way before it was the cool thing to do. His describes the setup as follows: "Let's see, dot-matrix...

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Mac on iPhone would be a lot of fun

It's a shame this doesn't actually exist, because I bet a lot of people would love to mess around with an emulated version of classic Mac software. Imagine "booting up" touchscreen versions of Artillery or 3D Checkers. It would a nostalgia trip worth at least a few bucks, right? [Photo credit:...

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The Mac hole

I've gotten upset with Safari in the past, but this might be taking things a bit too far. [Photo credit: Brian Porteous]...

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The transparent Mac trick

Usually these wallpapers don't work well with desktops, but this is a big exception. [Photo credit: Thomas Huxley]...

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Think Different. Or Not.

Though this image is more satirical then complimentary, you gotta love those glowing Apple logos on the back of every Mac. I have to admit, though, that I would love to see a similar photo taken in the dark....

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So THAT'S what the inside of an iPhone looks like

No word on how this unfortunate iPhone 2G met its demise, but the damage it pretty remarkable and certainly points to something more than a simple drop. I like to imagine it died while being shot out of a cannon from the summit of K2. [Photo credit: Helen K]...

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An iPhone cover that looks like an iPhone

Just in case you want everyone to know that beneath your smartphone sleeve is indeed an iPhone, you can just make it look like an iPhone. Mind = blown. [Photo credit: Aaron Stroot]...

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Flicker Find: An artistic study in the evolution of the Mac mouse

Where some people would see a mouse problem, Flickr user petebocken saw an artistic solution. Take a walk down memory lane with this beautifully framed and photographed collection showcasing the evolution of the Mac mouse. It's come a long way since being born as a brick-like box in the 1980s and...

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It's staring at me, isn't it?

Nobody ever said the iPad mini wasn't scary. [Photo credit: Mrkwanten]...

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Flickr Find: Lego Steve Jobs and our beloved Mac

Today's Flickr Find is so adorable it may just kill you with its cuteness. Created by Flickr member Sam, aka "purplelime", the Lego recreation commemorates the 30th birthday of the Mac, which was celebrated earlier this year. In true Apple fan fashion, the lego scene was recorded by an iPhone 5s,...

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Where old Macs go to die

Flickr user Miskan has some fantastic photos of an old Apple Store in Kuwait that has been stuck in time. It's like the grim reaper of Apple retail. Check it out. [Photo credit: Miskan]...

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For sale: One Power Mac pyramid, lightly used

Yeah they're all "old" now, but I'll always have a soft spot for these big, weird aluminum cubes. [Photo credit: JPL]...

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This iPod messed with the wrong people

It might look like the victim of a mob hit, but according to the photo's Flickr description, this iPod actually flew out of its owner's bag while rushing across a rainy street. That's a remarkable amount of damage from such a tumble, and imagining the media device getting riddled by a Tommy gun is...

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iPhone 101: How to add Facebook, Twitter, and other social network accounts to iOS

Apple has made it easy for iOS owners to share content across their social networks thanks to the integration of services like Facebook and Twitter into iOS itself. You can download Facebook events into your iOS calendar, upload videos to Vimeo from the Photos app and share links in Safari. It's...

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