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Flight Unlimited Las Vegas is an impressive iOS flight simulator

Back in the dim past of personal computers, flight sims were the rage. They were the kind of game that didn't just emulate something simple like Tic-Tac-Toe or a Monopoly board. The computer could do the calculations to give you a rough feeling of flight. The original sims were wire-frame applicatio...

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iPads on the virtual flight deck

It's no secret that the iPad is popular with pilots. TUAW has provided coverage of pilot kneeboards for holding iPads in the cockpit, many iPhone apps for pilots that are now making their way to the big(ger) screen, and we've heard from commenters who fly for a living that they think the iPad may b...

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Updated X-Plane 9 for iPhone & iPod touch: More airports, more planes

Version 9.06 of X-Plane 9 has been released from Laminar Research, and if you haven't updated your iPhone or iPod touch with the new edition, you'll want to do that as soon as possible. X-Plane has been updated for free over the last few versions with the most-requested features that users asked for...

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TUAW Review: X-Plane 9 for iPhone / iPod touch

Flight simulator applications are not only great entertainment, but a good way for would-be pilots to hone their skills without burning fuel or booking time in a "real" flight simulator. X-Plane 9 from Laminar Research is currently the most impressive flight simulator for Mac, with hundreds of diffe...

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