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Flip4Mac WMV tool launches public beta of v3

Mac owners who work in a Windows environment know how difficult it can be to play a Windows Media file on their laptop. One popular solution that lets customers play and edit a WMV/WMA file is Flip4Mac, a QuickTime component that is developed by Telestream and supported and hosted by Microsoft....

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Ask TUAW: Canceling Mobile Me, iPhone backups, playing Windows media files and more

Welcome back to another edition of our weekly Q & A column Ask TUAW. Each week this column will appear with questions and answers. If you have questions for the following week's column, drop them in the comments, and I will do my best to get to them. I won't be able to answer them all every time...

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iMovie, other non-Apple QuickTime components updated

Hot on the heels of yesterday's Aperture 3.0.2 update, Apple has released iMovie 8.0.6. The update improves reliability when working with videos from Aperture and requires Mac OS X 10.5.6 or later and iLife '09. The update weighs in at 35.84 MB and is available via the download link above or Softwar...

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Giving or getting a Mac for the holidays? 10 apps every new Mac user needs

All new Macs come with great bundled software. Between the iLife suite, Safari, iTunes, and TextEdit, plus the ability to access and use cloud applications for free, almost all of the most basic modern computing needs get met for most users. That said, having used four different Macs over the pas...

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Flip4Mac adds Windows Media 9 Advanced playback

The essential QuickTime plugin for playing Windows Media files, Flip4Mac, has been updated. In addition to bug fixes, etc., the new beta version adds the significant improvement of support for Windows Media 9 Advanced playback. If you've been running into incompatibilities with a favorite s...

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Get 35% off Flip4Mac

Ok, so for whatever reason you just need to have the ability to encode darling little WMVs on your Mac, Flip4Mac is probably the way you'll want to go, and macZOT! makes the encoding software more appealing with a nice 35% off discount. The full-fledged Flip4Mac WMV Studio package typically runs $49...

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Telestream releases "Episode"

Telestream (aka the "Flip4Mac" people) announced the 4.2 release of its "Episode" compression software for Mac. Episode provides compression solutions for both the desktop (from $395) and for workgroups (from $6500) for media distribution on the web, podcasts, and DVD. Version 4.2 adds VC-1 HDV and ...

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Universal Flip4Mac coming soon (Today!)

People who want to play Windows Media files on their Intel Macs can rejoice, eventually. That's right, Telestream, the makers of the very cool Flip4Mac which enables Quicktime to play Windows Media files, have posted a note on their website. It basically says that they are working on a Universal Bin...

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Flip4Mac begins beta testing Universal Binary WMV QuickTime components

For Intel Mac users who either love or hate WMV but have to deal with it one way or another, Flip4Mac has just begun beta testing the long-awaited Universal Binary version of their WMV QuickTime components. Announced in their forums today, it is more or less an invite-yourself program, as I had to c...

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Flip4Mac breaks QuickTime export?

Some users, myself included, are reporting that the 3rd party Flip4Mac plugin Microsoft recently purchased and offered for free seems to break QuickTime Pro's ability to export movie files. This morning I was trying to compress and export to H.264 some AVI files I shot with my Canon digicam over the...

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Goodbye, WMP for Mac OS X

Yesterday, we wrote about the extraordinary generosity that Microsoft displayed by distributing the Flip4Mac player available for free. Flip4Mac is a tool that allows you to play WMV files with Quicktime. Before you get a warm fuzzy for Microsoft, check this out: They've suspended development of Win...

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