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Scribd introduces Float, new iPhone app for reading online content

Online document publishing platform Scribd introduced a new mobile application for the iPhone called Float Reader. The app is a reading tool that lies somewhere in between Flipboard and Instapaper As expected, the Float Reader app lets you read documents from your online Scribd account. Scrib...

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TUAW's Daily App: Float

The iPhone is known for casual games, but Float might be a little too simple even for most casual gamers. That said, children and those just looking for a super simple experience may find it interesting. It's a game we've all played before -- you get a balloon and try to keep it in the air for ...

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Are iPhone app devs getting a raw deal?

We mentioned yesterday a rumor that Apple won't cut a check for iPhone application developers until the dev's share of the sales tops $250. A lot of commenters were upset about this, if it's true: TomWBrowning said "So if you make an app that costs $1 you won't see a penny even if 359 people buy it?...

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Afloat - window floating and transparency at the stroke of a key

Afloat is a killer System Preferences utility that adds a 'float on top' option and customizable transparency settings to virtually any Cocoa app in Mac OS X. Once installed (and you restart any Cocoa apps that were running), new keyboard shortcuts and a couple of options under the Window menu will...

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