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Sandvox adds iWeb migration assistant to scrape your iWeb/MobileMe site

The June 30 sunset date for MobileMe is only a few short weeks away. If your website is built with iWeb and hosted on MobileMe, there's no time like the present to get it shifted over to more permanent hosting. To better serve iWeb users looking to move their existing sites into Sandvox, Kare...

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Fitbit Ultra: A six-month followup review

Back in October, I posted a review of the Fitbit Ultra. It's a tiny fitness tracker that clips to a belt or sleeve and transmits your daily steps and calorie burn to a recharging and sync dock that's attached to your Mac or PC. In late October, Fitbit released their iPhone app so I followed up ...

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Rovio is making a non-Angry Birds game

AllThingsD recently sat down to chat with Rovio CEO Mikael Hed, and while much of the news about Rovio from the past few years has been to do with its enormously popular Angry Birds franchise (the latest title of which will be Angry Birds Space -- stay tuned for more on that next month). But Hed s...

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iPhone Volume Tweak Followup

Nick "Drudge" Penree writes that he took my tip for boosting audio and made an Installer.app package that does all the work. It's called AudioAmp and is available in Tweaks 1.1.2. TUAW readers have reported various levels of success with the package. Some readers are delighted. Others feel it overb...

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AOL refreshes Netscape as social news site with a twist

AOL yesterday relaunched the aging Netscape.com as a social news site (yea, like digg) but with a professional journalistic twist. Check it out. Anyone can sign up, submit and vote on interesting stories from across the web in a wide range of categories from politics, money, television, technology, ...

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