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Tag: Food

Improve your big game planning with Tailgating

To many fans, the tailgating parties before and after the game are almost as important as the game itself. Now with Tailgating, you can make your game day parties easier to organize and make sure everyone has a good time. This free universal app require iOS 5.1. Tailgating offers users master...

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I would absolutely devour this Mac mini

A delicious Apple pie made to look like a Mac mini is a culinary geek's dream come true. Add to that the fact that the lattice work on the Apple logo was done with a laser cutter, and it's something beyond fantastic. [Photo credit: Lenore Edman]...

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Oscar Mayer launches scent-enabled bacon alarm clock for iPhone

Oscar Mayer has come up with a way to tease iPhone users in the worst possible way: By waking up with the smell of bacon in the air. The strange little device is called Wake Up And Smell The Bacon, and once paired with an iPhone and the companion app, it can be set like an alarm to wake you up wit...

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An iPad cake that looks as good as it probably tastes

I've seen a lot of Apple-themed food items over the years, but this iPad takes the cake. [Photo credit: Michael Surran]...

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Daily App: Tastemade will turn you into a professional food critic

Tastemade is a clever app that allows you to capture your meal as you dine out and create a food show from the experience in a matter of minutes. By emphasizing the meal and the dining experience, Tastemade allows you to celebrate what you love most about food. Tastemade includes a variety of sto...

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Comedian bakes iPhone cookies to fool cops, but you probably shouldn't

Chatting on your iPhone while behind the wheel can get you into some serious trouble (not to mention an accident, so DON'T DO IT), but comedian Randy Liedtke thinks he's found a way to have some fun with the laws against such practices. Posting on his Tumblr account, Liedtke shows off a batch of n...

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Daily iPhone App: ControlMyWeight keeps you honest

CalorieKing is one of the oldest nutritional tools available online and the service bills itself as "America's trusted food database." If you're looking for the caloric content of a meal -- be it homemade or from a fast-food joint -- you'll likely find the answer on CalorieKing, and the website fe...

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Noom Weight for iPhone is a calorie counting app that could benefit from bulking up

Noom Weight for iPhone is a simple, free app that lets you log calorie intake, weight and exercise. It's based on the Noom Weight Coach app for Android, but doesn't have all the bells and whistles that the Android app has. The idea behind the Noom Weight app is that by logging your daily food and...

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Chef Sleeve Dishwasher Safe iPad Stand a welcome addition to the kitchen

Long-time TUAW readers may remember that spring day a few years ago when I cracked open an egg on my iPad. I wasn't worried -- the iPad was protected by a Chef Sleeve, an ultra-thin splash- and grease-proof reusable bag that keeps cooking goo from sullying your favorite kitchen device. The comp...

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CES Unveiled: The HAPIfork aims to help you track your eating habits with Bluetooth

CES Unveiled was held last night in the Mandalay Bay conference center in Las Vegas, and served as the unofficial kickoff of one of the biggest gadget shows in the world. The Unveiled room was crowded with new product demos, but one product stood out: The HAPIfork. The HAPIfork, as you might ...

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5 apps to help make your turkey tasty this Thanksgiving

Before you pop that turkey in the oven and start whipping those potatoes, you better make sure you have your recipes out and your ingredients in order. If you are hosting a big Thanksgiving meal and need some help in the kitchen, here are five apps that'll help save the day. You might also check...

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Platter: novel photo-sharing social network for keen cooks

How do you launch a social networking site in this day and age, long after the likes of Facebook and Twitter seized the world? One answer is "micro-social networks": designed with a clear and specific purpose in mind, they can fulfill that purpose better than any of the generalists like Facebook....

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Seamless brings food ordering to the iPad

I've been a big fan of Grubhub for years -- it's a website (and an iPhone app) that allows you to search through delivery menus from your area, and then order food right there online (or just call up any places you find, and order your food up over the phone). When I lived in Chicago, I found so m...

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Buffalo Wild Wings testing iPads for ordering

While we were in San Francisco for Macworld | iWorld, I noticed that the wait staff at Mel's Drive-in were using iPads to take orders. I hadn't seen that before, but apparently the folks at Mel's have used iPads for a while. Now an even bigger restaurant chain, Buffalo Wild Wings, is planning to d...

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Daily Mac App: Paprika Recipe Manager

I've been using Paprika Recipe Manager from Hindsight Labs on my iPad for a couple of months, and I've found it's turned my iPad into an invaluable kitchen tool. The only drawback to the app has been that the iPad's touchscreen keyboard made entering recipes by hand somewhat cumbersome. That wo...

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