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Fujitsu ScanSnap iX100 Delivers Best In Class Mobile Scanning

Are you still chasing the "paperless" dream? If you are anything like the millions of us who dream of a clear inbox with simplified capture and filing system, today is your lucky day. Today Fujitsu introduces the ScanSnap iX100, the 2nd generation of its world-renowned mobile scanning solutions. ...

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Fujitsu shows ScanSnap SV600 Contactless Scanner at Macworld 2014

Fujitsu has been manufacturing world-class scanners for business and personal use for about three decades, including the popular ScanSnap line of auto-feeding desktop scanners. I had a chance to interview Fujitsu's Director of Product Marketing, Michael Sidejas at Macworld | iWorld 2014 where he ...

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iPad trademark now lives at 1 Infinite Loop

No more sleepless nights for Apple's lawyers, at least not until the Nokia and HTC suits begin to heat up. The company is now the proud owner of a slightly used trademark: iPad™, as of March 17, is no longer a Fujitsu mark and has been assigned to Apple. Much speculation had surrounded the tr...

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Rumor: Apple gunning for iPad trademark

Even though the WSJ pretty much broke the story on next week's tablet announcement (when the mainstream media prints something as true, it's true, right?), that hasn't kept the crazy tablet rumors from coming in. Earlier in the week, MacRumors and the no-comment-on-the-name JesusTablet.com delivere...

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ScanSnap Manager updated for Snow Leopard

Fujitsu has finally updated the ScanSnap Manager app for Snow Leopard. "Version 2.2 L12" is available for download for the following models: ScanSnap S300M ScanSnap S510M ScanSnap S500M ScanSnap S1500M Unfortunately, for some bizarre reason they require that the previous version be insta...

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New Fujitsu ScanSnap S300M

Just about everyone who has used one seems to rave about Fujitsu's ScanSnap line of sheet-fed scanners, especially when combined with OCR software like DEVONthink Pro Office. The only problem has been the price, running at nearly $500. Well, Macworld is reporting that Fujitsu is finally going to rel...

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On doubting the iPhone and making the wrong comparisons

John Gruber already pointed out some flaws of The Register's Lance Davis who doubts the iPhone, but I have an even bigger problem with the line of thinking Davis used in his analysis. He writes: Remember, the mobile industry is one where some of the biggest companies in the world have tried and fail...

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A 200GB hard drive upgrade for your MacBook or MacBook Pro

Got $500 bucks? Need a larger single drive in your shiny new MacBook or MacBook Pro? Care more about battery life than RPMs? Then head over to MacService and they'll hook you up with a large, 4200RPM drive upgrade for a cool $445 (installation and Ground shipping included) or $494 (includes installa...

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