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If graphene is the next big thing, is Apple already way behind?

For massive companies like Apple and Samsung, continued success often depends on pioneering new technologies and staying ahead of the curve. Graphene, an ultra-thin and ultra-strong arrangement of carbon atoms is one of the front runners for the category of "next big thing" in tech. A graphene she...

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This $6,500 robotic lady should be the only iPhone dock on your holiday wish list

iPhone docks come in all shapes and sizes, but this is probably the first such device that you might need to take out a bank loan for. It's described simply as "Robot Girl," but its basic nickname belies how ridiculously ostentatious it really is. Standing more than 46 inches tall, the creepy stat...

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iPad soft launches may be the new normal

With today's unannounced retail debut of the iPad mini with Retina display, a whole lot of Apple devotees and critics cried foul. A lot of people seemed confused, simply because an Apple tablet has never launched in such a way. Yes, it's strange for an iPad to launch without a parade in its honor,...

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From the Future: An iPhone accessory that reads your brain waves to discover your interests

Your iPhone already knows a lot about you, but everything it's learned about you is a direct result of you inputting information on a screen. Wouldn't it be way more convenient if your fancy handset could just read your thoughts instead? If Toyko-based Neurowear has its way, that very thing may be...

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Apple has been hiring former fashion executives, but why?

Yesterday's hiring of former Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts by Apple is just latest example of what is becoming a trend for new Apple hires: A lot of them have a background in fashion. As The Mac Observer points out, Ahrendts' appointment to senior VP of Retail and Online Stores was preceded by a pa...

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Apple patent suggests devices could protect themselves from falling damage

Your iPhone probably wasn't cheap, and if you're relying on a budget case (or, worse yet, nothing at all) to protect your investment, there's a good chance a long fall will do some serious damage. But what if your device was smart enough to protect itself from damage in the event that you knock it...

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iPhone projected to gain market share over next 4 years, but remain in 2nd place

A lot of things can change in just a year in the world of mobile communications, so predicting where the major smartphone platforms will be four years down the road is tricky. Nevertheless, BGR reports that the International Data Corporation has made its official predictions for how smartphone own...

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Apple's Newsstand generates big profits for publisher Future

Magazine publishing company Future has had some closures lately, as its traditional magazine business isn't doing so well. But it turns out the iPad publishing business is rocketing right up: The company reports that Apple's Newsstand app has earned it over $8 million in the last year since the...

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Former Apple interface expert rants on Microsoft's "Vision of the Future" video

A few weeks ago Microsoft came out with a future of productivity video proposing a very touchscreen-based future for us humans. A former human-computer interface inventor for Apple, Brett Victor, has picked apart this video in a beautifully designed "rant" on his site, essentially taking Micros...

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MacTech 2011: What keeps Aaron Hillegass up at night

Big Nerd Ranch founder Aaron Hillegass took the stage at this week's MacTech Conference 2011, and his talk was labeled, simply, "Going Mobile." That's a big topic, so after going through a few reasons why business and individuals might be for and against making mobile apps (all pretty standard ...

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Docks, transformers, computing cores and taking it all with you

Back in the mists of history -- probably the late '90s or early '00s -- I remember reading a blog post. I'm afraid I have been unable to find it again, so you'll have to take my reminiscing on faith (but please leave a comment if you know what I'm talking about). This post dissected and analyze...

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Smule's Dr. Ge Wang on what's next for the company and the App Store

Smule is one of the oldest names on the App Store. Ocarina was one of the App Store's first big successes, and they've continued to make music and social-based apps like their most recent app, Magic Fiddle for the iPad. Dr. Ge Wang is not only the co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of the compan...

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Happy 10th birthday to Mac OS X Hints

Because we veteran Mac sites have to stick together, we're sending congratulations out to the good folks over at Mac OS X Hints, who yesterday turned the ripe old age (in blogging years, anyway) of ten years old. The site, created by Rob Griffiths and now run by Macworld, continues to be a terrific...

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In defense of Dan: Why Lyons has a strong point about the Mac

Chris Rawson and I like to tag-team, and this time I pulled the counterpoint to his "Mac ain't dead" point. I'm going to enter into this conversation delicately because, like Dan Lyons, I don't think the Mac is dead. Yes, you read that correctly, I agree with Lyons when he writes, "To be sure, App...

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Macworld 2010: Chatting with Phil Libin of Evernote

There are some big fans of Evernote on the TUAW staff -- we've talked quite a bit about the app that promises to store important clips and notes from anywhere, and make them accessible at any time. But even if you haven't heard of the app before, the interview with CEO Phil Libin is definitely wort...

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