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Watch out, Apple -- that Samsung in your mirror may be closer than you think

The iPhone 4S is currently the king of the hill when it comes to smartphone sales in the U.S., but Samsung is coming on strong as the second place manufacturer for U.S. mobile carriers according to Canaccord Genuity analyst Michael Walkley. AppleInsider posted the analyst's report that show...

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Samsung loses attempt to ban iPhone 4S sales in Italy

Here's the latest news from the front in the battle between Samsung and Apple: Apple is victorious in a skirmish in Italy. Samsung was attempting to block the iPhone 4S release in Italy, which is scheduled for November 4, saying that the new phone infringed on two patents that the Korean manu...

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Engadget compares iPhone 4S,Galaxy S II, Nokia N8 and Amaze 4G cameras

Engadget spent the weekend comparing the cameras of the iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, Galaxy S II, Nokia N8 and Amaze 4G. The iPhone 4S camera is a marquee feature of the device with its 8 MP sensor and an f/2.4 aperture lens. The 4S also shoots in full 1080p HD video. With regards to the iPhone 4S, E...

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Size matters: why the iPhone has a 3.5-inch screen

One of the things Android phone owners love to brag about -- particularly those who have the new Samsung Galaxy S II with its 4.27-inch diagonal screen -- is that the larger screens are much easier to read and watch videos on. Dustin Curtis has owned both the iPhone 4 and the Galaxy S II, and i...

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Samsung wants to block iPhone 4S sales in France, Italy

There's nothing like major corporations acting like a bunch of kids on a playground. As you remember, Samsung and Apple have been locked in a patent infringement lawsuit for quite some time. Apple is trying (quite successfully, I may add) to block the sale of the Galaxy Tab 10 tablet in several...

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Samsung takes a swipe at iPhone 4S already

Samsung didn't waste any time comparing its flagship Samsung Galaxy S II handset to Apple's recently announced iPhone 4S. The South Korean manufacturer sent out a note to the press detailing why its Android handset is superior to Apple's latest offering. According to Samsung, the Galaxy S II ...

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