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Tag: GigaOm

Gigaom's Kevin C. Tofel gushes over the iPhone 6

It's not surprising for those of us who write about nothing but Apple products to get excited over a new iPhone, but what about an online journalist who is equally at home in iOS and Android worlds, often buying both an iPhone and an Android phone each year? That was the case with Kevin C. Tofel f...

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Gigaom checks out Apple NC data center's renewable-energy infrastructure

Images by Katie Fehrenbacher, Gigaom Apple's huge Maiden, NC, data center has recently become something else -- a net power provider of clean energy to Duke Energy. Gigaom's Katie Fehrenbacher took a look at Apple's new power-production facilities, which generate a total of 50 MW (megawatts) of e...

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The power of free-to-play app pricing

"Free-to-play." For mobile gamers, those simple three words (often abbreviated as FTP) have a host of different meanings. For optimists, it means people can play high-quality games with little or no financial investment of their own. For others, it's a game-crippling inconvenience that ends up gett...

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Twitter accounts compromised by third-party attack: Here's what you can do

It's become a regular occurrence that a site's credentials become compromised. (At least it's a nice change from Big NSA brother, I suppose. Big NSA brother is ALWAYS watching you.) Now it is Twitter's turn, apparently courtesy of a third-party app. A Twitter spokesperson confirmed to the Guardia...

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Retailers' growing relationship with Passbook

Apple's Passbook has had a rocky road. When it was first introduced in iOS 6, it seemed like an excellent idea. You could store all of your loyalty cards, tickets, and other mobile payment items all in one place. But in practice, Passbook hasn't been all that helpful. Not many retailers' loyalty...

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Paper for iPad developer receives $15 million in funding

What do you do when your one and only iPad app is a runaway success? If you're FiftyThree, the development firm behind the beautiful journal / art app Paper (free, many in-app purchases available), you get funding for expansion into new areas. FiftyThree announced today that it received US$15 mil...

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Designers react to iOS 7

Yesterday's announcement of iOS 7 brought a number of responses -- many negative, some positive -- about the new look and feel of the mobile operating system. Om Malik of GigaOM decided to gauge reaction to the changes that are coming this fall by asking his Twitter friends. The negative side of ...

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Loren Brichter and the future of iOS apps

GigaOM had a wonderful post about Loren Brichter yesterday. In case you're scratching your head and saying "Who is Loren Brichter?", you may have seen some of his work without even knowing it. Brichter is a 28 year-old developer and designer -- and the only employee of Atebits -- who worked f...

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Road trip! Visiting Apple's North Carolina data center

Looking for an exciting geek adventure this summer? You may want to follow in the footsteps of GigaOM's Katie Fehrenbacher, who recently took a one-day road trip to visit the sites of some of the world's largest data centers. These facilities, all of which are located in a small area of North C...

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The energy required to charge an iPad

All of our electronic gizmos, whether as large as a 27" iMac or as tiny as an iPod nano, need electricity to thrive. Om Malik, the brains behind GigaOm, wondered just how much energy it took to keep an iPad going. Fortunately for Malik, the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) has publish...

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Study: many new US iPads activated in coastal states

Here's an unsurprising piece of news -- people in states with higher median income levels tend to purchase iPads more than those who are in less affluent states. This nugget of important information comes from online ad network Chitika, which is tracking where third-generation iPads are being a...

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How one helicopter pilot uses the iPad

In a short, but interesting article at GigaOM, writer Erica Ogg interviews her search-and-rescue helicopter pilot husband about technology in the cockpit. She talks to him about the iPad 2 and how the tablet has transformed his job. Not surprisingly, the iPad is used in everything from pre-flig...

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Family, tech and the joy of Apple's iPad

Apple aficionados often struggle to describe just what makes them love the company's products. In the case of GigaOM founder Om Malik, a recent experience in which he handed over his iPad 2 to his mother in India was the basis for a wonderful heartfelt story about what makes Apple products so spec...

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Finding small changes in Mountain Lion developer preview

You've probably heard about the biggest features of the new OS X, Mountain Lion, by now: Apple's implementing some popular iOS features like Notifications, Game Center, and Reminders on the desktop OS. But unless you've actually played with the OS for a little while (which would mean you're a deve...

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How Siri could change the 911 emergency system

Right now, the 911 emergency call system is designed to accept one thing -- phone calls. However, the US is on the verge of moving to Next Generation 911, which is a dramatic upgrade to the system that allows communications to be made via voice, video, and text. GigaOM's John Wilson postulates ...

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