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Apple #22 on Glassdoor's 2015 Best Places to Work list

Recruiting website Glassdoor has published its Employees' Choice Awards for 2015. The awards honor the best places to work in the US and UK, based on ratings by employees. This year, Apple came in 22nd of the top 50 large companies, a marked improvement from 2014 and 2013, where the company came...

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Apple is the 16th best tech firm to work for, but here's how it could be number one

In this year's edition of the career community site Glassdoor's "50 Best Places to Work" list, Apple came in at number 35 overall and number 16 of tech companies, a one-position drop from last year's rankings. Like any large company, there are plenty of reasons why current employees and contract...

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Apple ranks 35th in Glassdoor's 'Best Places to Work 2014' survey

Glassdoor has announced the results of its sixth annual Employees' Choice Awards that ranks the best places to work in America. The rankings are chosen by the employees who work at the companies and the awards are divided into two categories: large- and medium-sized companies. Apple, of course, fi...

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Glassdoor: Apple employees love Tim Cook

Glassdoor is a site that allows employees of various corporations to rate how they think their management is doing (while remaining anonymous), and the company has shared some info with TUAW that it says comes out of Apple's campus in Cupertino. The site works kind of like Yelp for employees,...

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Apple workers quite fond of CEO Tim Cook

Apple employees were happy when Steve Jobs was at the helm and now his successor is receiving the same adoration. According to Glassdoor's March 2012 list of the top 25 highest rated CEOs, Tim Cook takes the top spot with a 97 percent approval rating. This matches Steve Jobs's rating when he re...

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Apple employees love Steve Jobs

Silicon Alley Insider has put together a chart that shows the approval ratings employees have for various CEOs at major tech companies. The chart is based on data from Glassdoor.com and reveals that Steve Jobs is the most-favored CEO, ranked by his own employees, followed closely by Mark Zuckerbe...

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Apple makes Fortune's list of bonehead moves (twice), still a best place to work

With the end of the year comes the cavalcade of best and worst lists, just in case you didn't know what was best and what was worst over the course of the year. Apple made glassdoor.com's list of "50 Best Places to Work," placing 19th. It scored a 3.8 out of five, and 90 percent of employees approve...

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