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New Glendale, CA Apple Store to boast unique features

Yesterday we told you that this Saturday will see the opening of Apple's second Glendale, California store -- one that is only 600 feet away from the other Glendale store. If that alone isn't enough to give the first store feelings of inferiority, perhaps the features of the new store will push i...

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Second Glendale, California Apple Store to open Saturday

The second Apple store in Glendale, California will open at 10AM this Saturday -- and it's only 600 feet away from the entrance of the first Glendale store. That makes the two Glendale store the closes Apple stores in the chain, according to ifoAppleStore. Apple's first Glendale store was the sec...

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Pictures from the new Apple Store, still in progress at The Americana at Brand in Glendale

The pictures in the gallery below from a tipster show you the location of the new Apple Store being built in the Glendale Galleria in Los Angeles. This new store isn't that far from the old one in the mall, but appears to enjoy a much better view. If you've got pictures of the store under con...

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