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Tim Cook meets with China Mobile

Sina Technology sat down with Tim Cook while he was in China and talked about Apple's growing presence in the Asian country. Not surprisingly, Cook fielded a question about China Mobile, the world's largest wireless carrier and the only major Chinese carrier to not sell the iPhone. Cook confi...

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iPhone 5 goes on sale in China, 31 other countries

After months of exciting twists and turns of procedural regulatory examination, the iPhone 5 is now available for sale in China. It's important to remember that China is Apple's second biggest market (after the US, of course), and accounts for an ever-increasing percentage of Apple's revenue. ...

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Daily iPhone App: Sing! shares music and voices around the world

Smule has released another musical app called Sing!. It's a Karaoke app that leverages Smule's technological know-how to make the act of singing a social activity on a global scale. As with Smule's other offerings, you can buy various songs with in-app purchase, and there are a few standards ...

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Examining iPhone pricing and US market share

Analyst Benedict Evans tries to explain why the iPhone accounts for about half of US smartphone sales, but is outold 2:1 by Android globally. He argues that it all comes down to plan pricing and phone subsidy. In the US, consumers save US$100-$200 on the cost of the phone, but the plan pricin...

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Apple searching for global channel chief

Apple has apparently hired an executive from HP to handle its IT channel business in the UK, and the company is still searching for a global channel director, according to Channelnomics. Apple hired one Trevor Evans to run things in the UK, who joined the company after resigning from HP while o...

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Report suggests Apple slipping in handset rankings

Last quarter was a transition quarter for Apple and its iPhone. Sales of the 18-month-old iPhone 4 fell slightly as the company prepared to introduce the iPhone 4S. This slowdown caused Apple to slip to fifth place in the global handset market and to the number two slot in the global smartphone...

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Apple is tops in retail dollars per square foot across US stores

A site called RetailSails has done an analysis of the top global moneymaking retailers per square feet of store space, and guess who comes out on top? That's right, it's Apple, who reportedly picks up over $5600 a year per every square foot of retail store space. There is some confusion and est...

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WSJ: Apple prepping thinner, lighter iPhone 5

The Wall Street chimed in with its insider information on the rumored iPhone 5. According to the report, Apple's next generation iPhone will be thinner and lighter than the iPhone 4. It also may include an 8-megapixel camera, which is a nice boost from the 5-megapixel shooter on the current mod...

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Could Apple retake top spot among portable computer makers in 2012?

It's a difficult question for some analysts to answer. Is the iPad a new class of device or is it a version of an ultra-portable notebook? How you group the iPad makes a huge difference to those professionals trying to assess the impact of the iPad on the notebook computer market. If you grou...

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Apple is now the largest mobile phone manufacturer by revenue

Based on revenue, Apple is now the largest mobile phone provider in the world, surpassing even global leader Nokia. In the winter quarter of 2010, the iPhone and its accessories generated revenue of $10.47 billion for Apple. Nokia's Devices & Services group projects Q4 2010 sales of $11.7 billi...

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iPad tops 17 million tablets shipped in 2010

The tablet market exploded in 2010 with vendors shipping over 17 million tablets, according to the International Data Corporation (IDC), Worldwide Quarterly Media Tablet and eReader Tracker. The Apple iPad led the way with 87.4% market share. The remaining 12.6% is comprised of Android and other tab...

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Chrome now beating Safari in the US also

StatCounter's US browser share page shows that Chrome has now overtaken Safari in these United States, moving up into third place for browser share, behind Internet Explorer and Firefox. Astute TUAW readers among you will remember that Chrome already beat Safari once, but that was for the global br...

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Apple hires two more for mobile ad sales

In addition to their Quattro Wireless buy last month, Apple has picked up two more new employees that seems like additions to an incoming mobile advertising business. Theo Theodorou was picked up from Microsoft's mobile advertising sales department and will head sales in Europe, the Middle East, an...

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Apple shifts focus from sales to quality in China

There was quite a bit of discussion from Apple yesterday about their sales in China (you can see that in our liveblog from yesterday afternoon), and AppleInsider points out that Apple is changing priorities over there, from straight up sales to brand quality. Tim Cook said yesterday that Apple ha...

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