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Tag: Golf

Track the Ryder Cup with Sportfusion Unofficial News Edition

Over the last twenty-five years the Ryder Cup has become a major sporting event. The biennial competition between golfers from the United States and players from Great Britain and continental Europe draws huge crowds and television ratings. Now you can follow this years battle that takes place...

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Cut strokes off your golf game with Nike Golf 360

I have been playing golf for a long long time and in all those years I have never met another golfer who wasn't trying to find some way to improve and lower his score. Now Nike Golf 360 contains a number of aids that could do just that. The free universal app requires iOS 7.0 or later. The app...

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Swing better and lower your scores with Golfer Setup

If you play golf you know how frustrating the game can be. Golfer Setup, a US$.99 Universal app runs on iOS 7.1 and could help you eliminate some of those frustrations. First be aware the developer of this app is not a golf professional. He claims to be an avid golfer who through hard work and...

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GolFlix Pro is a good idea that falls short of teaching golf on iOS

Golf apps are extremely popular on iOS. From games, to course directories, to tutorials, there's plenty to choose from. So I was interested when the folks behind GolFlix Pro asked me to look at their app, which uses videos to teach the fine points of golf as demonstrated by professionals. The...

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SwingTIP lets your golf club and iPhone join forces to improve your swing

Proving yet again that there's pretty much nothing that can't be made to work with an iOS device, a product called SwingTIP, on display at CES 2013, creates a link between your golf club and your iPhone or iPad. The lightweight sensor (US$129.99) connects to your device via Bluetooth and sends...

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GolfWeather is a missed opportunity to help golfers

GolfWeather is an outgrowth of, which helps you check the weather before you head to the golf course. The app covers more than 20,000 courses in several countries up to a week at a time. You get hour-by-hour temperature predictions, cloud cover, humidity, wind and chance of...

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PGA Championship app pushes latest scores, includes buy-up live video

The set overlap between "iPhone owners" and "fans of professional golf" isn't trivial, so it's worth mentioning that the free app for the 92nd PGA Championship is available in the App Store. You can follow along with the action at Whistling Straits this weekend in glorious Retina Display detail, and...

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Found Footage: Playing virtual golf in Manhattan with Gigaputt for iPhone

Considering the number of iPhones around the world, I have this sinking feeling that we're going to start seeing a lot of people wandering looking like fools. Well, they already look like fools, but when people start swinging imaginary golf clubs in public they're going to look even more foolish....

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Airport diversion: Adrenaline Golf Online

I think the iPhone really solves the 'sitting at the airport with hours to kill' problem quite well. As iPhone owners, we know we can browse the web, catch up on email or the news, even check to see why your flight is late. I have another suggestion. Give Adrenaline Golf Online [iTunes link] a...

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A look at three new Gameloft iPhone games

I have been in love with Gameloft games on the iPhone since I bought my first one last year. Not only do their games have great graphics, they also have great controls and game play. Gameloft has recently released several new iPhone/iPod touch games, and I'm going to give you a first look at three...

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Adobe demos Photoshop CS4's content-aware scaling

In a QuickTime screencast, Adobe's Russell Brown demonstrates content-aware scaling, a feature of Photoshop CS4, due to be released this month. A lower-resolution YouTube demo from is available here, if you don't want to download a huge QuickTime movie. The content is different, but...

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Earlier today one of my co-workers came up to me and said, 'Hey, this is a silly question but do you know of any apps for OS X that will let me track golf stats?' Since I am a leading Apple pundit (in my mind), the pressure was on. Luckily, I did know of an app that does just that, Scorecard. I did...

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