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Google Drive app is dead. Long live Google Drive app.

Hot on the heels of Google's new Docs and Sheets apps, the technology giant has also released a brand new update for the Goole Drive app. The good news is that Drive for iOS now has an optional passcode lock feature that allows you to protect your documents with a 4-digit code. The bad news is t...

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Google Drive on iOS updated, adds landscape editing

The latest 1.3.0 update to the Google Drive app for iOS has arrived and brought with it the joys of landscape document editing. Version 1.30 also features improved Google Doc support and the standard minor bug fixes that come with every update. Landscape editing is a simple, but incredibly im...

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Google acquires Quickoffice

Google has announced that it's acquired Quickoffice, originally founded in 2002 and known for its productivity suite for iPhone and iPad. The move is a smart one. I've never been impressed with how Google Docs has been handled on the iPad. The desktop version of Google Docs made its way to iPad ...

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Dropbox-for-Google Insync leaves beta, goes free and opens doors for business

Advertising itself as a cheaper Dropbox alternative with a better feature set, Insync has been in closed beta for the last 15 months. Now, they're finally ready to launch with a service that tightly integrates into Google Docs. It's "8x cheaper" than Dropbox, according to their marketing; in fact...

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DocsFlow links Google Docs to Adobe InDesign layouts

Earlier this afternoon, I had lunch with a co-worker, and we discussed the pros and cons of using Google Docs in newsrooms. The idea of leveraging Google's free web-based rich text editor for collaborative editing & then flowing those bits of copy into InDesign for newspaper or magazine layout...

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Four websites that need iPad apps

The iPad is an amazing device for surfing the web. Its large screen and multitouch gestures make it feel like you're actually holding a web page in your hands. Web browsing on the iPad is going to get even better with the release of iOS 5. That's when Safari on iPad gains Reading List and Read...

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Will iOS 5's Safari deliver better support for web editors?

One of the long-standing frustrations for anyone who's tried to edit blog posts or web documents using Mobile Safari is the absence of support for the HTML5 contentEditable attribute. The attribute, which began as an Internet Explorer 5.5 feature and later found its way into most modern browsers,...

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MeLLmo's Roambi Flow will create interactive business documents for iPad

We've taken a look at MeLLmo's Roambi in the past and were fairly impressed with the instant interactive visualizations created for business data and statistics. With Roambi, you import data created in another program or system (often Excel or another CSV-based spreadsheet program for personal ...

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ScanDrop comes to Mac: makes scanning to cloud services simple

I've been a fan of a paperless workflow for a couple of years now, and I rely heavily on Evernote for organizing everything scannable that crosses my desk. One of the tools I've found invaluable for speeding up the scan and filing process is ScanDrop, as it allows me to scan a document and do bas...

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Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite for iPad gets PowerPoint editing for Christmas

The Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite for iPad has gained some new features that make it even more useful to business people on the go. Quickoffice, Inc. announced today that its mobile office suite for the iPad now has an editor for Microsoft PowerPoint files in addition to the Excel and Word editor...

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Desktop version of Google Docs now on iPad, but still disappoints

9to5Mac brought us the news that the desktop version of Google Docs is now available on the iPad, coming just a few weeks after the mobile version debuted. But, like the screencap above warns, not all features are available through the iPad and the clunky interface is disappointing. Viewing t...

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Now edit your Google Docs on your iOS device

Native editing for Google Docs will be available on the iOS device closest to you within the next few days -- if not already. Google issued a press release this morning, complete with a demo set to some snazzy music demonstrating the new editor in action. Google said that the it will be available...

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MeLLmo's Roambi delivers business intelligence on the go

When talking iPad with enterprise users, one of my favorite show-off apps for the iPad is MeLLmo's Roambi. It's a little hard to explain what it does, but once they see it in action, they know they want it. Roambi (free on the App Store, pro/enterprise plans available) gives you instant, easy d...

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TUAW TV Live today at 5 PM ET: Writing tools for Mac

Monday was the start of NaNoWriMo, the annual writing fest in which authors from around the globe attempt to write a 50,000-word novel in 30 days. I've started on my third novel, and as usual I'm having a blast thinking up characters, situations, plot lines, and just how I'm going to wrap up this en...

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Google Docs editing coming to iPad

This is pretty fantastic. Dave Girouard, president of Google Enterprise, announced via the Google official blog today that mobile editing for Google Docs is coming to the iPad and Android. Up until now, the Webkit browsers used on the mobile devices have been missing a key capability for handling ri...

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