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Tag: Google Drive

Google Drive update makes it easy to upload from other iOS apps

Google quietly updated the free Google Drive app to version 3.4.0 yesterday, improving the iOS version with some features that should make Google's cloud solution more competitive with the likes of iCloud drive and Dropbox. The biggest addition for iPhone and iPad users who have upgraded to i...

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CloudFella manages cloud accounts but is hampered by crashes

CloudFella for iOS manages your files in four of the major cloud services: Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, and Evernote. CloudFella gives you access to all of your files across these services, provides searching, statistics, local storage, and a duplicate files finder. Unfortunately...

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Google Drive app is dead. Long live Google Drive app.

Hot on the heels of Google's new Docs and Sheets apps, the technology giant has also released a brand new update for the Goole Drive app. The good news is that Drive for iOS now has an optional passcode lock feature that allows you to protect your documents with a 4-digit code. The bad news is t...

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World Backup Day: Let's be careful out there

On the old 1980s cop drama "Hill Street Blues", Sergeant Phil Esterhaus started off each episode with a briefing ending with the line "Let's be careful out there." While he was showing concern for his team of police officers, the same line is very applicable to anyone who is using a Mac, iPad or i...

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The TUAW Daily Update Podcast for March 17, 2014

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get some the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the player at the top of ...

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Google Drive goes to war with iCloud and Dropbox with insane price drop

Google has made it clear for years that they're determined to be the number one name in the cloud storage game, but with their latest price drop they're declaring war on their competitors. While iCloud gives 5 GB of storage for free to all Apple device owners, Google Drive's basic service has prov...

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Avatron Kickstarts Everydisk project for secure personal cloud storage

The remote data field is dominated by powerhouses like Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, SugarSync and so on. Whether you're looking for a hardware network-attached storage (NAS) solution or a cloud-storage server, there's probably a vendor or 10 you've already heard of. Now, iOS/Mac development hous...

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Google releases revamped Google Drive 2.0 for iOS

Google has released Google Drive 2.0 -- a total revamp of the cloud-storage app that lets you edit and share documents and spreadsheets. The new version of Google Drive features Google's signature "card" layout, which lets you view documents and photos as tiled grids. However you can still view th...

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Google's lawyers: If you use Gmail you have no expectation of privacy

While we know none of our readers would ever use email for nefarious purposes, the privacy of one's personal information is a hot topic thanks to the recent revelations about the NSA's domestic spying program. Well, there's bad news for privacy-minded Gmail fans: Google's official legal stance is ...

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Share Bucket offers a free OS X Skitch-like capture and annotation utility

Share Bucket (free) enables you to annotate and upload screen captures. While it may not be the most original idea on the Mac App Store, it's certainly a welcome entry to the field. It offers simple, cloud-integrated sharing with a few minor growing pains. Share Bucket supports Dropbox, Google Dr...

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Chrome for iOS now includes Google Cloud Print, AirPrint, and fullscreen browsing

Google's Chrome browser for iOS (free) was updated to version 26.0.1410.50 today, providing some new and much-appreciated features. To begin with, the app now provides support for Google Cloud Print, a way of printing documents to printers from just about anywhere through PCs or Macs that are...

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Google Drive on iOS updated, adds landscape editing

The latest 1.3.0 update to the Google Drive app for iOS has arrived and brought with it the joys of landscape document editing. Version 1.30 also features improved Google Doc support and the standard minor bug fixes that come with every update. Landscape editing is a simple, but incredibly im...

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Google Drive for iOS adds Quickoffice support, multiple photo uploads

Google has issued an update to its free Google Drive app for iPhone and iPad that adds some welcome new features and tweaks some existing ones. Version 1.2.2 of Google Drive brings a welcome enhancement for iOS shutterbugs in the form of the ability to upload more than one photo at a time, and Qu...

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Google Apps for Business users get free Quickoffice for iPad

Google purchased mobile productivity suite maker Quickoffice this past June and now we're seeing one of the fruits of that buyout. Starting immediately, users of Google Apps for Business will gain free access to a specialized free version of Quickoffice for iPad. The app, which requires you t...

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Google adds spreadsheet creation and editing to mobile versions

Google has added the capability to both create and edit spreadsheets to its Google Drive apps, so you can now calculate and tally up whatever you like in a spreadsheet while out on the go. Users could previously browse shared spreadsheets on the app, but the latest update, for version 1.2.0, br...

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