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Mac 101: How to take screenshots on your Mac using OS X's built-in controls

Did you know that OS X has a little-known utility for taking screenshots? It's a small tool called Grab that's tucked away in the /Applications/Utilities folder and is exceptionally handy for taking screenshots, especially timed shots that require a few seconds of preparation. Grab is very easy...

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Snow Leopard nice touch: no more "Picture 1" files

I've always been a fan of ⌘-Shift-4 for taking quick and easy screenshots on my Mac, even with such level-up options as Jing, Skitch, GrabUp and LittleSnapper readily to hand. What I wasn't a fan of, however, was the proliferation of "Picture 1," "Picture 2,"... up to "Picture N" screenshot file...

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Mac 101: Eliminate shadows in screen grabs

Sharing screen grabs and screencasts is a great way to show someone exactly how to do something with their Macs. You've got several choices for screencast software (here's a list of posts in our screencast category), but snapping a simple screen grab is much simpler. Using Apple's Grab applicat...

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TUAW Faceoff: Screenshot apps on the firing line

Whether you want to post something to a web page or blog, or show off an application element in a presentation, taking quality screenshots is becoming an increasingly common task for lots of different Mac users. Although OS X comes with its own built-in screenshot utility, Grab, and onboard F-keys ...

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GrabUp is an interesting little app that adds a new wrinkle to OS X's built in screen capturing functionality. When you install the prefpane, it allows you to add the GrabUp menu item to your menu bar. GrabUp just sits waiting for you to invoke it (by hitting Shift - Command - 4). Once you hit the ...

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TUAW Tip: Screen Capture to PDF

TUAW reader Jakob writes that he often uses OS X's "Print as PDF" feature. He asks if there's a way to print only part of a website by dragging out a selection rectangle? Yes, Jakob, there's a very simple way. Yesterday, I posted a Terminal Tip about using OS X's built in command-line screencapture ...

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