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Tag: Greg Joswiak

Apple's Greg Joswiak talks about iOS 8.0.1 glitch, Apple Pay and more

Speaking with Walt Mossberg and Ina Fried, Apple VP of iPhone, iPod, and iOS Product marketing Greg Joswiak talked about Apple Pay, the new Apple SIM and the company's botched rollout of iOS 8.0.1. Joswiak was on stage as part of Re/code's Code/Mobile conference. Joswiak said the issue with iOS 8...

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Apple VP Greg Joswiak to appear at Re/Code's Code/Mobile conference

Re/Code's inaugural Code/Mobile conference will feature what promises to be an in-depth interview with seasoned Apple executive Greg Joswiak. The conference itself kicks off on October 27 and Joswiak will reportedly talk about Apple's recently-announced products and more. "Joz," as he is called,...

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Apple checking out the competition at CES

Just because Apple isn't exhibiting products at CES doesn't mean it's not interested in the event. is reporting that the company does have a presence, with one of their bloggers running into Greg Joswiak (head of iOS product marketing at Apple) at the Sony booth. Joz isn't the on...

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Apple's Greg Joswiak describes Apple's four principles of success

Greg Joswiak, Apple's vice president of iPod, iPhone, and iOS product marketing, shared four keys to Apple's success at a recent event titled "Silicon Valley Comes to Cambridge." You can hit the original story at The Wall Street Journal for the full text of each point, but we've pared them down...

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A look at Apple's "all-star" executives

Tim Cook, Phil Schiller, Jony Ive, and Steve Jobs are big names at Apple. These top executives are known around the technology industry and around the world for their operational excellence, marketing know-how, design genius and powerful reality distortion fields. While these four men often get ...

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Greg Joswiak explains iPhone missing features

ExtremeTech managed to score an interview with Apple's vice president of Hardware Product Marketing Greg Joswiak where he discusses some of the tradeoffs of the 3G iPhone. He explains that cut and paste didn't make it into iPhone 2.0 just because they didn't get to it, judging "other things to be mo...

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Gearlog interview clears up iPhone and Touch details

Gearlog scored an interview with Apple's Greg Joswiak that shines a light on some outstanding questions about the iPhone and iTouch. In a nutshell, the key points are: No Bluetooth on Touch. Internet pictures implying otherwise are errors. Touch will run iPhone software. Same hardware as the iPhone,...

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iPhone video and Greg Joswiak interview from WSJ

Rex Crumb from MarketWatch and the Wall Street Journal snagged an interview with Apple's Vice President of iPod marketing, Greg Joswiak. Greg talked about the iPhone and its awesomeness, of course, and Rex gets some rare hands-on video, too! Although some of the footage is stock from the Keynote, ...

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