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Grove and Woodblock Chocolate team up to make edible iPhone case

I'm used to seeing iPhone cases made from some pretty exotic materials and am a big fan of the wood cases created by Portland, Ore.-based Grove. Now that innovative case maker has teamed up with a local chocolatier -- Woodblock Chocolate -- to make a tasty and protective treat for the iPhone 5/5s o...

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Grove Dock for iPhone: Solid beauty

When packages containing review items show up at my office, they're usually quite lightweight. So I was really surprised when a package arrived recently from Grove in Portland, Ore., and it was heavier than usual. Like "someone sent me a brick?" heavier... However, I was pleasantly surprised and r...

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Grove announces new bamboo and felt iPad sleeves

Oregon company Grove is a purveyor of beautifully made Apple accessories, and they've had a big couple of weeks. On launch day for the new iPad, they announced their new iPad cases, a bamboo shell-style back with a felt or leather cover. Today, Grove released their new wool felt sleeve, a gorgeous...

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