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The Guardian opens pop-up coffee shop with iPads at the tables in London

Londoners who take a little iPad with their coffee might want to swing by Shoreditch and check out The Guardian's pop-up coffee shop. As TechCityNews reports, the Guardian newspaper has teamed up with Nude Espresso and EE to open the pop-up coffee shop, called #guardiancoffee, in the world's first...

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Dan Chung photographs the Olympics using an iPhone, Snapseed and some binoculars

When you think of professional photographers shooting sporting events, you usually visualize huge Canon or Nikon lenses mounted on expensive camera bodies on top of massive tripods. But as The Guardian's photographer Dan Chung proves, sometimes you can do just as much with a lot less. Throughou...

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The Guardian comes to the iPad

The British national daily newspaper The Guardian has come to the iPad. The 190 year-old newspaper is celebrating its iPad launch by allowing users access to their first 86 issues (starting on the day you launch the app) for free when they start using the app. After that time, a monthly subscri...

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iTunes, Tiger, and irrational ire: The difference between updates and upgrades

Update: After we posted this story, reader Nate emailed us to suggest that if you find yourself in Rupert Jones' shoes (with a new iOS device that requires Leopard/iTunes 10 for sync support, but still running Tiger on your Intel Mac), call AppleCare. He says that Apple's support team will ask ...

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Your iPhone is silently and constantly logging your location [updated]

Update 2: Apple has issued an official response. Update: This story has generated followups from Thomas Ricker at Engadget, David Pogue, Andy Ihnatko and Dan Moren at Macworld. Researcher Alex Levinson points out that despite the Guardian's positioning of the location data as a shocking revel...

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Channel Four on Demand: Sorry, Mac users

Mac users in the UK have been waiting a long time (like, years) for Channel 4's Video on Demand "Catch Up" service to come to their platform, and finally, after long last, the day is here. And they're sorry, Mac users -- they say so with the cute video above. Of course, the reason why it's now comp...

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Apple and the future of DRM

Over at the Guardian there's an interesting article on How Apple is Changing DRM. While there's not a lot that's new here, it does usefully cover what has happened over the last few years with Digital Rights Management and how DRM has basically come to bite the record companies in the, um, keister. ...

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