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Five ways for iOS developers to deal with Apple's new subscription guidelines

Over the weekend, Hulu subtly updated its iOS application to comply with Apple's revised in-app subscription guidelines. As Mike Schramm posted earlier, it removed the link on its main sign-in page that allowed users to visit hulu.com/plus to sign up for service. Apple states in section 11.14 o...

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App Store guidelines updated for subscriptions, more tweaks

Apple's guidelines for developers who place their wares in the App Store have been updated, with a few key bullets. Changes to accommodate the new subscription models are there in section 11, along with a stern warning up front to developers who might game the review system or steal other devs' wor...

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Adium's icon designer on its past, present and future

You might not know who Adam Betts is, but you've probably seen, or at least heard of, some of his work which includes the icon of a pretty famous Mac OS X chat client: Adium. The animated, quacking duck icon has made a bit of a name for itself, and Phill Ryu (of MacThemes and Widget Machine fame) de...

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