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Elgato HDHomeRun lets you record live digital TV over network

Elgato has just announced a new product that will let you watch and record digital TV in full high-definition on any computer on your home network. HDHomeRun is a dual tuner that connects to both your cable TV or digital TV antenna and your network router, and then streams live TV over Wi-Fi or ...

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Elgato brings EyeTV Support to HDHomeRun

We previously mentioned a hacked together, rudimentary Mac interface for the HDHomeRun and expressed hope for EyeTV support. Well, our wish has been granted as Elgato has announced the HDHomeRun for the Mac. The HDHomeRun is a nifty little device that features two over-the-air / Clear QAM HD tuners...

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HDHomeRun HDTV Mac Streaming Tool

I first heard about the HDHomeRun on DL.TV a while back, and while it looked very interesting I was left disappointed that it lacked full Mac support. The HDHomeRun is a cool little device that contains two over-the-air HDTV tuners to receive HDTV and then stream that HD content over your home ethe...

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