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Tag: HDR

TruHDR adds a Mac app after success on iOS

TruHDR is a really nice HDR (High Dynamic Range photography) app that has been around a long time for iOS. It improves on Apple's built-in implementation that lets you take pictures with much better dynamic range than a single shot can provide by using an algorithm to combine three photos taken at...

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iOS 7.1 adds Auto HDR feature to the Camera app

Here's a little bonus that might sneak by you when you update to iOS 7.1. The Camera app has added an automatic function for HDR mode. HDR, or high dynamic range imaging, takes multiple exposures to allow for accurate capture of very bright objects, like the sky, when the photo also has part of the...

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HDR Darkroom 3 is an easy way to create HDR images on your Mac

Many people first heard about HDR (High Dynamic Range imaging) when Apple added the feature to iOS. HDR uses sophisticated algorithms to overlay multiple images shot at different shutter speeds to increase the dynamic range of the camera. This helps prevent losing details in a face, for example,...

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Snapseed updates with new HDR mode, shadows slider

If you like to take photos on your iOS device, grab Snapseed. If you already have it, you'll see an update today that really adds some nice features. This latest release adds two very important features. One is called HDR scape, which gives your images an HDR look that can be as natural or as...

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Daily iPhone App: Fotor HDR brings some new tricks to iPhone photography

Fotor HDR is a new iPhone app for those of you who like to take high dynamic range (HDR) photos. The US$1.99 app adds some very sophisticated processing options after you take the multiple images required for an HDR image. The main feature Fotor HDR offers is preset styles. Rather than simply...

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vividHDR brings some new features and ideas for iOS photographers

I'm always on the lookout for innovative photography apps and vividHDR certainly qualifies. It's a universal app that sells for US $1.99. Unlike many apps that take 2 exposures for HDR (High Dynamic Range imaging), vividHDR takes 3. It shows you a split screen of the normally exposed image,...

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Thalia Lapse HD/R lets you take high-quality time-lapse movies in HDR on your iPhone

Thalia Lapse HD/R is an unwieldy name, but it's an app that does something that has been a bit of a holy grail for iPhone photographers. The app takes time-lapse sequences, but that's not the unique part. This US$2.99 app takes multiple exposures and tone maps them to give you a high-quality...

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Vacation Coming? Here are my favorite iOS photo apps

It's that time of year. Vacations are likely in your future, and there has never been a bigger choice in apps and utilities to make and share great still photos from your iPhone. Among the multitude of apps I've tested over the years, I have some favorites, so I'm sharing those treasures with...

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iPhone cameras are everywhere at one of America's best scenic spots

My last visit to Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah was in pre-iPhone days. My, how things have changed. I went to Bryce on a landscape shoot this week with my usual semi-pro equipment: Canon 5D, Manfrotto tripod and the usual gaggle of batteries, timers and other esoterica. I was especially...

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Fotor CameraBag -- Get this super iOS photo app while it's free

I'm always on the prowl for great photo apps, so let me tell you about Fotor CameraBag (now renamed simply Fotor). It's free for a limited time, usually selling in the App Store for US$1.99. There are a lot of iPhoneography apps that try to do everything, but many of them perform their...

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iOS 5 features: Changes to Camera and Photos

With the release of iOS 5, iPhone and iPad photographers now have a few new settings and features. The Camera and Photos apps have both been updated in iOS 5, but how those updates appear depends on the device you're using. On the HDR-equipped iPhone 4 (and likely on the 4S as well), the...

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Daily Mac App: Hydra Pro 3

HDR photography is a technique that produces images with a very high dynamic range. To produce an HDR image, you take several shots at varying shutter speeds and combine them using a technique called tone mapping to produce the final photograph. Hydra Pro 3 will allow you to combine up to...

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HDR Fusion for iPhone is free today only

Even though I do a lot of high end photo work, I still enjoy using the iPhone's camera, and i was especially happy to see Apple add HDR capabilities to the iPhone 4. HDR lets you get good pictures under challenging conditions when there is a mixture of very bright light, like the sky, and objects...

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True HDR for iPhone adds features and goes on sale

I've looked at TrueHDR in the past and found it a competent app for getting good photos in challenging exposure situations. HDR techniques are excellent when you are faced with taking photos of people when there is a bright sky behind them. The app has been updated today with some worthwhile...

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HDR Darkroom Pro is a fast and inexpensive app for creating impressive landscape images

It's nice to see more awareness of HDR (high dynamic range) photography. The iPhone has a built-in HDR mode, and more and more software is supporting the combining of images shot at different shutter speeds, combined to create an image that captures more shadow detail without blowing out the...

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