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Navdy gives your car an iPhone-linked HUD

We love our cars, and we love our iPhones, but sometimes we don't love them so much together. Navigation and entertainment apps provide a wonderful road trip experience, but controlling those apps by touch or by voice is tougher -- and more dangerous -- than it should be, even using clever clips t...

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Testing the Garmin Heads Up Display (HUD) for navigation

Garmin is just beginning to ship the company's first HUD (heads-up display) unit for in-car use with Garmin and Navigon apps. The U.S. $129.99 device (sale pricing for the summer) sits on your dash, and can project navigation information on your windshield using a supplied transparent film or a bu...

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Garmin announces a portable heads-up display for StreetPilot and Navigon apps

Garmin is bringing something new to smartphone navigation in cars. Today, the company announced the late summer availability of a portable heads-up display (HUD) for iPhones running the Garmin StreetPilot app or a Navigon app. The unit will retail for US$129.99. "HUD redefines the navigation expe...

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Daily iPhone App: GPS everyWhere has great promise but isn't quite finished

It's hard to do something truly new or unique when it comes to GPS software. You've got maps, a destination database, throw in some traffic and weather. I've spent a couple of days with an app called GPS everyWhere + HUD Mode. That's a mouthful, but there a quite a lot of features to talk about and...

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iPhone app enables augmented driving, at your own risk

Let me preface this post by saying that I'm an old fuddy duddy. imaGinyze (US$2.99) is an iPhone app that provides an augmented reality Heads Up Display (HUD) for drivers on the road. When mounted to a windshield, it monitors incoming video information and produces overlays for roads, traffic, si...

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iPad as desktop status monitor

Imagine this: you put your iPad into its dock next to your desktop (or laptop), and it transforms into a heads-up display of all the important stats from your machine. Maybe add some news and weather, and your "Today" list from your favorite to-do app. I'm sure there are a good number of people who ...

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1Password 2.7 gets a little sexier

I know we just mentioned the upcoming iPhone version of 1Password yesterday, so I'll make this quick. Version 2.7 (of the desktop variety) was just released and it adds a brand new feature: a fully keyboard-accessible HUD window which allows you to instantly navigate to a website and log in. Accordi...

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TUAW Interview: Inco, simple sysadmin from your iPhone

The dream of remote system management from your handheld device -- like Dick Tracy's wrist radio, but for geeks -- has long enticed IT professionals. Who wouldn't rather be at the beach or the ballgame instead of chained to a laptop and network access in case something goes wrong? There are already ...

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