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Confirmed: 3G iPhone works out of the box with PAYG

Today, I finally got my hands on a 3G iPhone. It's not mine. I'm borrowing it for a contract for a very short time. But it was my first time to truly confirm that the rumors were true: a completely virgin iPhone 3G works out of the box with AT&T Pay As You Go SIMs. After unwrapping all the plast...

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iPod 2.1: Spankin' fresh and Jailbroken, plus countermeasures news

We have pwnage. Before you get too excited, we're talking just iPod touch -- the update that's been around since Tuesday afternoon -- not for iPhone 2.1, released this morning. That having been said, point your browser over to quickpwn.com to grab the latest version of the iPod QuickPwn. Now there ...

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3G iPhone Jailbroken: Live Chat with Pytey


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Pwn your iPhone using Windows

Yes, you can has winpwn -- for beta values of "can has". Pwning an iPhone means preparing it to accept custom iPhone firmware bundles (ipsw files) in iTunes. Winpwn 99.1.8 Beta has been released for public testing (though keep in mind that this particular tool is for use with Windows). If you're w...

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