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Why is Siri female (in the US at least)?

Have you ever wondered why most of the default voices for computers are female? Although Siri is male in the UK and France, it's female in the U.S., Australia, and Germany. CNN's Brandon Griggs pondered this question in a post last month, and found that -- among other things -- people find wome...

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No Comment: Just what do you think of this decal, Dave?

This MacBook decal is great, and it looks like it would work well on your iPad, too -- though you might not get that glowing effect that makes it so awesome. We've seen quite a few fun decals similar to this before, including some specifically for the iPad, some for the iPhone, and even some ot...

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Nothing can go wrong.... Hal 9000 is on the iPhone

You knew it had to happen. The charming but murderous computer from the 1968 film 2001: A Space Odyssey has made to the iPhone/iPod touch. Hal 9000 [App Store link] awaits you for US $0.99. It's basically a still of HAL, with lots of his famous sayings from both 2001 and the 1984 sequel, 2010. The r...

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