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Rock Band games to be removed from iOS App Store this month

Despite the fad of plastic instruments coming to a quiet end a few years ago, Rock Band is still a fairly popular brand, popular at parties and on the upcoming downloadable console version called Rock Band Blitz. But at least one part of Rock Band's legacy is going away for good: EA has announc...

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VidRhythm going free, updated

Harmonix is, of course, the company behind the great Guitar Hero and Rock Band franchises for consoles, but its latest project is an iOS app, VidRhythm, that will let you create quick and funny music videos just by recording quick clips of you and your friends recording various musical parts. I...

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Daily iPhone App: VidRhythm

When Harmonix (the makers of Rock Band and Dance Central) first announced it was creating a brand new iOS app, I was looking forward to a brand new music game of some kind. But the company surprised us all with VidRhythm, now available on the App Store for US$1.99. It's not really a game, really;...

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Rumor: New iPhone 4 handset at the end of September

Honestly, I don't even believe this one, but it's our responsibility as an Apple news site to keep you updated on the latest rumors, so here you go: A Mexican tech site is reporting that a Telcel executive says there will be a new version of the iPhone 4's handset released as soon as the end of Sept...

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Rock Band out for $9.99 on the iPhone... but fails to thrill

The good news is that EA has released Rock Band for the iPhone and iPod touch, and you can pick it up from the App Store right now. The bad news is that it seems like a pretty tough sell -- despite the relatively high price tag (Tap Tap Revenge 3, a similar music game, is currently 99 cents and head...

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Rock Band coming to the iPhone

It's true -- as leaked earlier this week and confirmed yesterday, EA is bringing Harmonix's Rock Band to the iPhone, and it's about what you'd expect: notes come down the screen set to popular music, you tap in certain places in time to the beat, and get a score based on how well you do. Truthful...

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