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Alfred, Dropbox, Hazel, and Markdown? All in a day's work

"How does a geek-pastor use a computer?" is a question that I assume a lot of people ask themselves, although they probably don't. But if they did, this would be one answer: I need to make a list of the readings and sermon titles for the church secretary and choir director, so one can make the w...

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Best Mac apps of 2013: Talkcast recap

On this Sunday's TUAW Talkcast, several Mac pundits picked out their favorite Mac apps of 2013. Our own Michael Rose convened the panel, including GeekBeat TV host Benjamin Roethig; TUAW TV Live host Shawn "Doc Rock" Boyd (who hates snow); longtime TUAW contributor, app developer and podcaster Bre...

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Using Keyboard Maestro 6 to automate a web database

One of my favorite new features in Keyboard Maestro 6 is the ability to click on links in web pages using either Safari or Google Chrome. This new feature let me make an old macro (which was based around trying to click in the right place) a lot more efficient. I'm going to show you how I set thi...

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Hazel 3.1 update adds powerful date-matching feature

Noodlesoft's Hazel is a file-organization tool for Mac OS X that uses a set of customizable rules to automatically move and sort your information. It can be set to automatically move your new music or movies to your Music and Movies folders, or sort files by name, email address, the website they c...

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Log your social life with Hazel, Day One and IFTTT

TUAW's own Brett Terpstra has created a new tool called Slogger to help you log your online social life. Slogger, a shortened name for social logger, pulls down updates from your Twitter account, grabs posts from your RSS feeds, gathers links to your daily Github Gists and saves your pl...

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Sync iCloud to Dropbox

Mac and iOS users are going to be increasingly pushed to choose between storing their documents in iCloud or Dropbox. I expect that Apple will continue to push more and more features to iCloud that will make people want to use it, and I expect that Apple will continue to make iCloud easier and ea...

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Set AutoImporter's preferences for cameras and iOS devices

When I plug in my SD card, I want one thing to happen: "Get my pictures (and videos) off this card as quickly as possible." I don't necessarily want to import them to iPhoto or do anything else with them right away. I just want them moved from Point A (the SD card) to Point B (a folder on my Mac). ...

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The best Mac applications I used in 2010

As the end of 2010 approaches, I started looking back over the Mac applications that I used this year to see which ones stood out. They weren't necessarily released this year (although many were), but they were apps that helped me get stuff done in 2010. I didn't try to come up with some specific n...

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Sort your crashlogs with Hazel

I've been on a bit of a Hazel kick lately. I wrote a short shell script that will sort my Crash Logs. #!/bin/sh ### Get the name of the app APP=`/bin/echo $1 | /usr/bin/sed 's#_.*##g'` ### make a directory /bin/mkdir -p "$APP" ### move the log into the directory /bin/mv -n "$1" "$APP"...

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Automatically open Bittorrent files using Dropbox and Hazel

Every year there is a torrent made to let listeners download most of the music for SXSW. This year's torrent has recently been posted (previous years' are also available at the same site). I don't usually use Bittorent, so I asked around for client suggestions; Transmission seems to be a favorite am...

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Ask TUAW: Automatic file sorting, Disk Utility, iPod battery replacement, and more

Welcome back to Ask TUAW, our weekly troubleshooting Q&A column. This week we've got questions about automatically sorting downloaded files, using Disk Utility to change partitions and format external drives, using a KVM in a multi-platform environment, replacing an iPod touch battery, and more....

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Ask TUAW: OpenCL support in Snow Leopard, Boot Camp, automatic importing into iPhoto, and more

Wednesday means it's time for another Ask TUAW! For this edition we've got questions about what Macs will support Snow Leopard's forthcoming OpenCL acceleration, using Boot Camp with multiple partitions, connecting a Mac mini to HDMI, automatically importing images into iPhoto, and more. As always,...

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Hazel 2.2

Noodlesoft has recently released Hazel 2.2, a nice update to their rules based file organizer. Hazel 2.2 adds a number of interesting AppleScript improvements. You can now add scripts directly in rules, no need to create seperate files for your scripts. There are also some new Hazel specific Apple...

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Mac 101: uninstalling applications

This time around in Mac 101 I thought it would be good to talk about uninstalling applications on the Mac, especially for the recent switchers out there. Unlike Windows, Mac OS X does not have a native utility for uninstalling applications. Most (though not all) applications are installed just by dr...

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File Action: a free, light-weight alternative to Hazel

Many of us here around the TUAW home office love Hazel ($21.95), the great folder-based automation utility that you can set up to run various rules to process (e.g. move, copy, sort) your files. However, we also like free, and so I was intrigued by a new application called File Action that is basica...

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