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iSmartAlarm updates its iOS-friendly home security system

I took a look at the iSmartAlarm security system some weeks ago, and now the company has pushed out an update to the hardware controller and the iOS app that lets you interact with the system. Among the changes: Give users the ability to change arming delay time (from instant up to 5 minutes) G...

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The iSmartAlarm system gives you an effective home security system controlled by your iPhone

You can spend a fortune or a pittance on a home security system. There are wired systems that contact the police or fire department for you, webcams with motion detection, systems with monthly fees, and systems that are DIY and cost you only for the hardware. Mostly, you get what you pay for, but th...

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iPhone-ready Canary home security breaks $1.25M in funding

A few weeks ago, we highlighted a home-monitoring security system called Canary. The system helps you keep track of your home by monitoring a number of variables, including air quality, vibration, temperature, sound and movement. When something is awry, it will send a detailed alert to your smartp...

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Indiegogo project Canary monitors your home

If you're in the market for a home-monitoring system, Canary may be just the device you've been looking for. Funded via Indiegogo, Canary is a smart security device that monitors activity in your home and relays alerts to your iPhone whenever it encounters any unexpected behavior or conditions. I...

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Engadget takes Unikey's iPhone assisted keyless entry for a spin

We're still a few years away from the self-opening home front door of the Jetsons. But that's okay -- we're making progress. A few weeks ago we told you about Unikey and Kwikset's Kevo, a keyless entry system for your own front door. Now the fine folks at Engadget have had a chance to work with th...

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Scout sensors, app jump start your home protection

There's a rather nifty crowdfunded project that aims to deliver a "roll-your-own" home security system this August. Using the Selfstarter code available on Github, the Scout Alarm project has so far pulled in almost 800 backers and more than $211,000 in funding. The project is designed to "make...

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Lockitron plans to help you unlock your door with your phone

Keyless entry using your iPhone isn't a new thing, but Lockitron has introduced a system that allows keyless entry for your home with some extras geared toward the iPhone. With the US$149 Lockitron, a box fits over your existing deadbolt and allows you to manage your door locks from anywhere ...

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Belkin's WeMo: iPhone-based home automation with a taste of IFTTT

In my futuristic dreams, I'm able to control everything in my house from my iPhone. That dream might not be too far off, thanks to the Belkin WeMo system. The WeMo currently consists of two hardware devices -- a Wi-Fi equipped power switch/outlet and a Wi-Fi equipped motion sensor -- plus a fre...

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Turn your iOS device and Logitech Alert into a home security system

This is a really neat way to use your iPad. Gear Diary received the Logitech Alert for review, which allows creation of a do-it-yourself indoor or outdoor security system. When you're all set, download the free Logitech Alert app, and you are ready to monitor your home or business when you're n...

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Home security on your iPhone

We all know how the iPhone can secure itself, but you can get it to secure your entire house as well. A while back, I briefly toyed with the idea of going without a landline. It's an alluring prospect, and strikes me as satisfyingly post-modern. But one thing held me back: my home security system...

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