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Kickstarter to reunite original members of the Homebrew Computer Club more than doubles fundraising goal

A Kickstarter campaign to reunite the original members of the Homebrew Computer Club humbly began last week with a project goal of US$16,000. As of Tuesday afternoon, the Kickstarter campaign had easily eclipsed its $16,000 target with approximately $36,539 pledged from 353 backers. This is particu...

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Kickstarter launched to reunite the original members of the Homebrew Computer Club

A cool new Kickstarter campaign was launched today. Its goal? To reunite the original members of the Homebrew Computer Club. In case you're unfamiliar, the Homebrew Computer Club was a hobbyist group formed in the mid '70s for computer enthusiasts in Silicon Valley. Some famed alumni of the group ...

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New command line tools in Mountain Lion manage encryption, sleep and sharing

For fans of the Terminal, Mountain Lion brought some new command-line utilities. Perhaps the most notable is fdesetup, which Apple explains briefly: "fdesetup allows third-party management tools to enable FileVault, determine encryption status, capture and manage recovery keys, and add users to a ...

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Introducing AirPlayer: Mac-based AirPlay service allows device-to-Mac playback

AirPlay is a very, very cool technology. Unfortunately, if you don't own an Apple TV 2 or other capable receiving device, it's not going to do you much good. (If you have the cash on-hand, for $99, the Apple TV mark 2 is a pretty sweet purchase. Just saying.) So I decided to figure out a way that...

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Homebrew, the perfect gift for command line lovers

If you're an OS X user who spends as much time on the command line as you do in the GUI, you're probably familiar with the MacPorts and Fink package management projects, making open source software easier to compile and run on Mac OS X. You may also be well-aware of the shortcomings of these project...

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TUAW 1976

TUAW Newsletter - April 1, 1976 In this Bicentennial year, technology is making big advances! You can read about it here in Technology Update Aptos Weekly, the official computer newsletter of the Aptos, CA Amateur Computer Club, delivered to your door every week. Remember to pay Steve Sande your du...

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DIY iFlash for the iPhone

Reader Joe, he of the Ringtonator program we've posted about before, has sent word of a crazy cool hack-- using LEDs and a broken iPod car charger, he's created what he has dubbed the iFlash-- an external flash device for the iPhone's camera. And it actually works really well. Apparently he used a...

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Manage and create beer recipes on your Mac

Mac360 directed me toward an app that I don't have any real use for, but I wish I did. Homebrew Formulator is a Filemaker runtime application, which means you don't need Filemaker to use it. The important thing to know is that Homebrew Formulator is all about helping you make your own beer - brew y...

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HomebrewPSP Converter Update

Last week, I mentioned the HomebrewPSP Converter from the same people that make iPSP, and commented on how I thought they would soon have an update that would allow users of PSPs running v1.5 firmware to run homebrew apps and emulators without having to swap memory sticks. Well, my predicti...

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