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iPhone hacksugar: Creating a MyWi WiFi hotspot with your jailbroken phone

Here's the thing. You know, and I know, that AT&T has not yet enabled tethering in the US for the iPhone, while carriers all across the globe have already given their iPhone customers the ability to use their phones as wireless modems for their laptops. You and I also know that strictly speaking...

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AT&T on iPad 3G data: We can handle it

You probably had exactly the same response I did when you heard that AT&T would be handling the 3G data plan for the iPad: "Them again?" Sure, the deal is much better, and it's completely optional (you can get the iPad without 3G if you don't want it at all), but still: AT&T? Hasn't Apple h...

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Staying Safe: securing your wireless connection

Recently, we reported on AT&T's push to make it easier for iPhone & iPod touch users to connect to their Wi-Fi Hot Spots. One of our readers, Jamie Phelps, pointed out on his blog that AT&T's Wi-Fi service is not actually a "secure connection," as is advertised in various places on their...

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AT&T makes it easier for iPhone OS 3.0 users to use WiFi Hot Spots

Among the many wonderful (and sometimes frustrating) new features of iPhone OS 3.0 was one that was announced today by AT&T. The company now supports auto-authentication for 3.0 users who are connecting to AT&T WiFi Hot Spots. While the Hot Spots are nothing new, the simple logon is a iPho...

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GoBoingo! launches for Mac

Boingo Wireless, the global market leader in Wi-Fi hotspots, has just released a new version of its GoBoingo! client for Intel-based Macs running Tiger or Leopard (Powerbook users can use the client in Tiger). The GoBoingo! client makes it super easy to connect to any of the more than 100,000 Boingo...

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Widget Watch: JiWire

Today's featured widget over at Apple is one of the most useful I've seen so far: a JiWire widget. It's the best of both worlds when it comes to wireless widgets: part stumbler, part search engine tool for JiWire's database of wireless hotspots. The stumbler has a completely automated interface to A...

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