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Obituary: Mac OS X Hints might be "pining for the fjords"

Over the years, one of the top websites other than TUAW for getting hints about Mac OS X was Macworld's Mac OS X Hints. Now a post by former Macworld blogger Rob Griffiths is paying last respects to the site 14 years after it first went live. The site is still online, but as Griffiths notes, it has...

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iPad has become a big factor in African business

Here's an interesting stat: As compared to the global average, professionals in Africa are actually twice as likely to get offered an iPad by their employers. Forty-seven percent of respondents to IDG's latest survey revealed that they own an iPad issued to them by their employer. The global avera...

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IDG research shows iPad's business dominance

A new study by IDG shows that not only are iPads becoming a powerful tool for business, but that Apple's tablets are increasingly replacing notebook computers in the office. The study, titled "iPad for Business Survey" is a detailed and colorful look at trends surrounding the iPad worldwide. ...

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Macworld 2010: TMO's Dave Hamilton and IDG's Paul Kent

Along with meeting readers and having a place to stash our laptops, one of the other novel pleasures of having a booth on the show floor this year was the serendipity of having our friends and colleagues in the Mac community walk on by -- just so that we could pounce upon them and interview them on ...

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Macworld 2010 special iPad event liveblog

We are live from the floor of Macworld 2010, where they're be talking about the iPad in a special event feature Jason Snell, Macworld editor-in-chief, and a panel of industry experts. We have heard that won't be an actual iPad on the show floor, so it's not clear whether we'll get to see the device...

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Macworld 2010 moves to February

IDG World Expo has just announced the dates for Macworld Expo 2010, shifting the conference's historical January jaunt to February. The Macworld 2010 Conference and Expo will take place in San Francisco from February 9 - 13. When I spoke to Paul Kent, the General Manager for Macworld Expo, earlier t...

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Macworld Expo minus Apple still equals Macworld Expo

In the story of love, there is always a winner and a loser (the loser being the one who sits at home with ice cream in one hand and a remote in the other, crying while watching The Notebook). In the romance between IDG and Apple, it seems that IDG is not content to sit at home now that Stevie J. ha...

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China Mobile making things complicated?

China Mobile, the service provider in talks with Apple to distribute the iPhone in the world's most populous country, is still expressing interest in selling the handset, but has plans to open its own online app store. According to Macworld, Wang Jianzhou, China Mobile's chairman and CEO, said at a ...

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Panasonic CEO left CES to see Jobs introduce iPhone

As if Apple's spotlight isn't large enough lately, it appears they stole some of CES's 15 minutes with the announcement of the iPhone. Forbes is reporting that Yoshi Yamada, CEO of Panasonic, left CES on Tuesday and traveled 600 miles to see Steve Jobs' iPhone-unveiling keynote (perhaps he knew he w...

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We're going to Macworld!

Some of you may recall my post about TUAW being refused a press pass to Macworld. Some thought it was appropriate, others thought I was whining, and still others applied the 'Fight Club' rule of press passes and said that since I talked about getting a press pass I didn't deserve to get a press pass...

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