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Ion Audio shows off its latest offerings, including the AirCopy and the iDJ2Go, at CES 2013

Ion Audio has a booth set up as usual on the floor of this year's International CES, where it is showing off a number of new and fairly new products for anyone coming to see them. This company is one of our favorites -- they make some really excellent iOS accessories and fun devices (including ...

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Ion announces release date, price for iCade Core and Mobile

We saw the new iCade Core (one of three takes on Ion's popular iCade iOS joystick accessory) back at CES earlier this year, but now it has a price and a date, for the UK at least. June is when it will arrive in Great Britain, according to the official Ion site, and it'll have a price of £49.99,...

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Hands-on with ION Audio's Guitar Apprentice and new iCade models

We first saw ION Audio's really impressive iCade followups at the beginning of CES last week during CES Unveiled, but that little taste at the crowded event wasn't really enough for us, so later in the week we went by the company's booth to get a better look and actually hold and play with the ...

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iCade-compatible games listed

Touch Arcade has a list of the games on the App Store currently compatible with ThinkGeek's iCade arcade stand for the iPad. It's certainly more than just the one official Atari app that it was compatible with at release, but the list is still pretty short, with only 16 titles included: No...

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Turn your iPad into a mini-keyboard with ION's Piano Apprentice

ION recently announced a new piano accessory for the iPad that will let you play and learn piano on a mini-keyboard. While piano-playing apps on the iPad are fun, they are not useful for instruction as the 9.7-inch display of the iPad is too small for a reasonably sized keyboard. ION solved ...

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Giveaway: Two new Element carbon-fiber iPhone 4 cases

There's a new carbon-fiber sheriff in town, shaped like a pair of iPhone cases. Element Case is now shipping two new cases, and we've got the pair to give away to two lucky readers. First up is the Ion, which retails for US$49.95. It features a carbon-fiber reinforced back plate, high shock constr...

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Ion's Concert Piano has a built-in iPad dock

A while back at CES, I got to check out Gear4's Pocket Loops, a little keyboard with a built-in iPod touch dock, but Ion's Concert Piano takes that idea and goes big. It's a full-sized, 88-key piano with an iPad dock built into it. Just like the Pocket Loops keyboard, there's a downloadable app tha...

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ThinkGeek's iCade gaming cabinet for iPad moves closer to reality

Since 2001, ThinkGeek has been compiling gag products for April Fool's Day. Some products are silly, some outrageous, and some are conceptually cool and show promise as a real product. The iCade gaming cabinet, one star of April Fool's 2010, falls into this latter category. The iCade is a retro gami...

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ION iType brings a full-size keyboard to the iPhone

So far, only the jailbreakers have been able to pair up a Bluetooth keyboard with their iPhone, but ION is working on a hardware solution -- they're showing off what's basically a dock at CES that has a full-size keyboard connected to it. Very interesting. Of course, it makes the iPhone a lot bigge...

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Mac mini, Apple TV to use new Ion platform?

Tom's Hardware says that Apple will use NVIDIA's Ion platform in an updated Mac mini, and AppleInsider says it could also be used in an updated Apple TV. NVIDIA's Ion platform is a low-cost, small-form-factor logic board that includes both an NVIDIA graphics processor and Intel CPU (among other thi...

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