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Why what you think about that "new category" thing may be all wrong

Spectacle. We love it. That moment when technology changes and our minds are blown. It's easy to forget that many "one more thing" things were actually pretty boring: the iPod mini, Safari for Windows, the Power Mac G5. Our current obsession with "new categories" derives from the heroin-like hi...

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His noodly appendage touched my iPod

As a fan of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (that's FSM to true believers), I was delighted when TUAW reader Eric sent us this tip. GelaSkins sells adhesive iPod skins, including two of the FSM himself. In fact, they've got quite a nice collection of skins, all removable and made of high-quality vinyl....

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Replace your iPod mini's battery

It is a fact, people love their iPod minis. Whether it is the various colors, or the solid feel of the body itself, iPod mini's will never go out of style. They will, however, eventually run out of juice. Luckily, Fstop Blues has posted a very detailed tutorial on how you can replace your iPod mini...

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iPod Invisa for sale on Ebay

Hey, the Steve Jobs skit that recently aired on SNL is finally funny! The all-new, ultra tiny iPod Invisa is for sale on Ebay. It measures 0.000000mm x 0.000000mm x 0.000000mm, weighs 0.000000oz (shipping weight 0.000001 oz), holds 8 million songs as well as every photo ever taken! Here it is pictur...

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