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Tag: Iconfactory

Twitterrific 5 for Mac and Twitter's war on developers

Twitterrific, a Twitter client from developer Iconfactory, has been a popular cross-platform way to send and receive tweets for years. Now Mike Beasley at 9to5Mac is reporting that the company may never release the long-awaited Twitterrific 5 for Mac, explaining that Twitter's policy of limiting t...

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xScope 4 released and currently on sale for 50% off

xScope version 4 has been released by The Iconfactory. If you aren't familiar with xScope, it is a tool for designers who need to measure, inspect, or test design elements. Version 4 comes with dozens of new features which I won't bother regurgitating here, but will highlight some of the ones that s...

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Twitterrific 5.6 adds streaming, list editing plus price drop

The Iconfactory has released Twitterrific 5.6 for iPhone and iPad (universal), with great new features and a sale price of US$0.99. One big feature is streaming. Now, users on WiFi can opt to have their stream update in real time. Version 5.6 also improves list management, letting you add and remov...

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Iconfactory announces AppViz 3 for tracking App Store success

If you publish an app in Apple's App Store, you know how hard it can be to track your sales with meaningful data. The Iconfactory, partnering with IdeaSwarm, announced its solution to this problem with the launch of AppViz 3 today. According to the news announcement, AppViz 3 sports a new interfa...

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Twitterrific 5 for iOS gives the classic Twitter app new wings

The original Twitter app for iPhone has undergone an extreme makeover. Iconfactory has launched Twitterrific 5 (US$2.99 for a limited time, $5.99 regular price) on the App Store, ushering in a comprehensive interface overhaul that I've become absolutely smitten with since I started using the app ...

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Flare 1.5 adds new presets and borders

Lost in the hubbub of the iTunes 11 announcement yesterday was an announcement about another app upgrade. Flare, the US$19.95 photo processing app for OS X from Iconfactory, received an update to version 1.5. The update is the first since August, and provides two new default presets, Tin Type...

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The Iconfactory's David Lanham on building homescreen-worthy icons

When you admire an app icon on your Mac or iOS device, chances are that it may have been designed by The Iconfactory's David Lanham. I had the unique experience of having him sketch me over FaceTime for a custom avatar portrait, and he's a talented and friendly artist. The Verge's Ellis Hamburg...

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xScope 3.5 offers Retina support, improved mirror tool

Iconfactory has released xScope 3.5 this week, with Retina support for the Retina MacBook Pro and improved mirroring that allows a Photoshop document to be mirrored while being edited. The rulers can be inverted to make measuring on dark backgrounds easier, alignment marks can be displayed on the ...

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Flare 1.4 adds Retina support, Twitter sharing, more

Yesterday we saw an update to Realmac Software's Analog Mac photo effects app; today the news is from Iconfactory, and the app being updated is Flare (currently discounted to US$9.99). Like Analog, Flare (see TUAW review here) provides a way to add and adjust pre-loaded visual effects. Flare ...

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Panic's Candy Bar is now free, goes to Iconfactory

Panic has updated icon customization app CandyBar for compatibility with OS X 10.8, changed the price to free and handed it over to The Iconfactory. As the 'Factory workers point out, changes Apple has recently made to OS X security have hindered the app significantly. For that reason, it's no lo...

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Astronut for iPad available, use iPhone as controller

If you enjoy casual games and have both an iPhone and an iPad, then you'll want to check out Astronut from The Iconfactory. The planet hopping game has been available on the iPhone for a few years, but an updated iPhone and a new iPad version now lets you use your the iPad for the game and the ...

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Ramp Champ rights acquired by DS MediaLabs

Ramp Champ is an oldie but goodie from the App Store's earliest days. It's an old carnival bag tosser game that was originally put together by both Iconfactory and DS MediaLabs, and it was quite popular even before going free-to-play a while back. Ramp Champ been sitting quiet on the App Store ...

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Flare for Mac version 1.3 adds new shuffle feature

Flare is a fun Mac app for adding effects and filters to your digital photographs. The Iconfactory has released version 1.3 of Flare with a number of changes, including one that adds a bit of randomness to the effect you apply. The Shuffle feature is used once you've applied one of the built-...

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Daily iPhone App: Dine-O-Matic chooses a restaurant for you

Eating at a restaurant is fun but getting a consensus from a group of diners can be a hassle. Offload the responsibly to your iPhone with Dine-O-Matic from the Iconfactory (currently on sale for US$0.99), which is more than happy to choose a restaurant for the whole gang. The app combines retro gra...

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TUAW Best of 2011: Flare top Mac photo app; Final Cut Pro X best video app

In our TUAW Best of 2011 voting, we've come to the end of the awards for the Mac. Starting tomorrow, the winners for iPhone accessories and apps will be announced. Today we're proud to announce the winners of the voting for the top Mac photo and video apps. For Mac photo apps, the innovative Flare...

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