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Apples and Oranges: Amazon moves into the Apple TV space

Those of us who have been waiting for an Amazon Prime channel to finally show up on their Apple TV now have an explanation as to why it never arrived. Today Amazon introduced FireTV (US $99), an Amazon set-top box that seems perfectly situated to compete with Apple TV. Amazon cited a 350% growth...

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Record labels laugh at Apple's proposed royalty rate for streaming service

The New York Post has an exclusive today about Apple's attempts to get rights from record labels for a proposed music streaming service, which are apparently falling on deaf ears because its offer is "seen as way too cheap." A high-level executive at one label told the Post that "Apple wants ...

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Daily iPhone App: IHeartRadio

Clear Channel is a huge force in radio. When the Telecommunications Act of 1996 opened up radio ownership, Clear Channel Communications scooped up several stations in most big markets, consolidating power. The company also has a spinoff called Live Nation, which is among the biggest event and...

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5 apps for the radio lover

Radio just isn't the way it used to be. It's not that "this ain't your father's radio." This isn't even the radio you knew five years ago. A loosening of media ownership rules (via the 1996 Telecommunications Act) has transformed what was once a local medium into more of a national one, one that put...

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