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Building an OS X Mountain Lion installer thumb drive

Last year, I posted about creating a standalone Lion USB installer thumb drive. This year, I update those instructions for Mountain Lion. You'll need a copy of the OS X Mountain Lion installer. If you saved a copy when you first installed Mountain Lion, great. If not, you'll need to re-download...

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Apple updates malware definitions to address fake Flash player trojan

Apple's updated an entry in the anti-malware files of OS X to lock down a trojan that pretends to be a Flash player installer, but actually hijacks users' search results. The trojan is known as "OSX.QHost.WB.A," and claims to install Flash, but instead redirects Google results to an IP in the N...

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Build your own Lion install USB thumb drive for cheap

Why pay Apple $69.99 when you can build your own Lion install drive for the App Store purchase price of $29.99 -- plus the cost of an inexpensive thumb drive. Here's how to create a full install on a drive, not just the recovery disk that we recently posted about. You'll need a copy of the OS X...

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How to install Lion from an SD card

After we linked to instructions for how to burn a Lion boot disc earlier this week, Nature's Eye Studios contacted MacStories to let them know they figured out how to get the new OS to boot off a SD card. After downloading Lion from the developer site, the video maker proceeds to wipe a SD card...

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The confusing art of installing apps

John Gruber of Daring Fireball recently wrote an essay about quirks and user confusion around the application install process on Mac OS X. He had read a post from Alexander Limi's blog about the Firefox install experience, and decided to address it as a system-wide discussion. After this, Andy K...

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LANrev releases free version of InstallEase

Who can take some software, bundle it for you? Make a free installer and then seal it up with glue? InstallEase can (with apologies to Sammy Davis, Jr.). The packaging utility, long part of the LANrev crossplatform management & audit tool, is now available free of charge -- making it very comple...

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Installing the iPhone Developer Toolchain: A simple How-To

Yesterday, stepping into iPhone development got a lot easier. "Kroo", an iPhone developer, put together this Binary Toolchain Installer for Intel Macs. Instead of taking two days to download, debug and compile, installation takes a few minutes. Download a copy and install and you're set to start pro...

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Installer.app beta for iPhone: Install, update iPhone apps over Wi-Fi

All sorts of interesting iPhone apps have sprouted up these past few weeks, but unless you're checking out our own Erica Sadun's excellent work with iPhone apps, they can sometimes be hard to find or install. While Apple wants us to keep twiddling our thumbs in anticipation for true apps to come to ...

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Adobe CS3 may disable your firewall

This is ridiculous. Apparently, part of Adobe's Creative Suite 3 (the Adobe Version Cue CS3 Server) requires the Mac firewall to be shut down in order to install correctly. The Adobe installer obligingly shuts your firewall off, but then neglects to restart it afterwards. Adobe has 'fessed up to th...

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Installer icon badges

If you're anything like me, I'm sorry for you. Ah, a little joke to open things up never fails, but you know what isn't a joking matter? That's right, OS X's Installer. That's the program that, well, enables things to be installed in OS X so it is kind of important. Now, Daniel J. Wilson thinks tha...

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Apple VP: We will not support Windows

The Mac web is buzzing with the news of Boot Camp, the new software from Apple that will allow users of Intel Macs to easily install Windows XP (this will be a built-in feature of Leopard), creating a dual-boot system. Earlier today, Macworld conducted a brief interview with Apple VP of Worldwide Pr...

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