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Exploring the idea that Apple might abandon Intel CPUs for ARM

Former Apple executive Jean-Louis Gassee published an interesting piece earlier this week exploring the idea that Apple, some time down the road, might abandon Intel and instead rely upon ARM chips for its entire Mac lineup. As it stands now, Apple already uses ARM chips across its lineup of iOS p...

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Big guns have Apple's back in iPhone 4 ban

What do Microsoft, Oracle, Intel and AT&T have in common? All four of the major corporations are jumping to Apple's defense against the impending iPhone 4 ban ordered by the US International Trade Commission (ITC). The Wall Street Journal reports that a trade group representing Microsoft, Ora...

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Intel's 'Thunderbolt 2' sports 20Gbps speeds

Originally unveiled at NAB in April, Intel confirmed that its next-generation Thunderbolt technology will land later this year. Codenamed Falcon Ridge, the new Thunderbolt 2 protocol will double the bandwidth of the current Thunderbolt technology to 20 Gpbs, while remaining backwards compatible wi...

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Longtime Apple VP to head Intel's new devices unit

Intel has tapped former Apple VP Mike Bell to head up the company's new Smart Devices Unit, according to AllThingsD. Bell last worked at Apple in 2007, and then Palm after that and has a long experience in mobile device development. Recently he has been co-leading Intel's mobile chip business. His...

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Video Flashback: Steve Jobs explains why Macs don't sport 'Intel Inside' stickers

In a recent interview, outgoing Intel CEO Paul Otellini explained how he passed up on an opportunity to get Intel chips inside the original iPhone. According to Otellini, Apple and Intel couldn't come to terms regarding cost. Further, Otellini explained that he simply had no way of knowing how su...

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Outgoing Intel CEO regrets not getting Intel CPU in iPhone

In a culture where high-profile employees at tech firms often jump ship for new, exciting and different opportunities, Paul Otellini is something of an exception. Yesterday, Otellini officially stepped down from his role as Intel CEO, a company he exclusively and faithfully worked at for nearly 40...

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Tweetwall rebuilt, new iPad app available

Tweetwall is a company that provides Twitter displays for events, allowing companies to show guests the live Twitter chatter about their events. Their clients have included CNN, Yahoo, Intel, PayPal, Microsoft, eBay, the Obama campaign and the Webby Awards. Now Tweetwall has launched a rebuilt ver...

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Tim Cook ordered to undergo questioning in anti-poaching case

Even though he wasn't CEO at the time, Apple's Tim Cook will be questioned about the company's hiring practices as part of a anti-poaching lawsuit, says a Reuters report. Apple, along with several other tech heavyweights, is embroiled in a civil lawsuit that accuses the company of illegally i...

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Reality Absorption Field: What happens in Vegas

A few years ago, a senior Apple executive was once told that, even though Apple did not exhibit at the annual Las Vegas spectacle that is the International Consumer Electronics Show, its presence seemed to linger in the arid air and in the clouded minds of many attendees. "We love that," he rep...

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Ars: "Thunderbolt should continue to spread in 2013"

Although it seems as Intel's Thunderbolt interconnect technology has been consigned to the realm of expensive ideas that just didn't make it, Ars Technica's Chris Foresman has posted a detailed update on the tech and says that "the groundwork laid in 2012 may slowly start to pay off in 2013." ...

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Daily Update for November 6, 2012

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inline player (requi...

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Mansfield may lead Apple away from Intel chips in Macs

Bloomberg is reporting that Apple's Technologies group, headed by senior vice president Bob Mansfield, is exploring advanced versions of the chipsets used in the iPhone and iPad lines for use in the company's future desktops and MacBooks. The outlet cites three people familiar with Apple's resear...

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How 'Marklar' OS X on Intel owes its start to a one-year-old boy

It's among the most famous skunkworks projects in personal computer history. Marklar was a secret Apple development program to put Mac OS X on the Intel x86 microprocessor -- or in some sense put it back on Intel, as the underlying NeXT OpenStep OS did work on x86 chips. Ten years ago this Augu...

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Best Buy cuts price on Macs

According to Cult of Mac, Best Buy has cut the online and in-store prices on most of its Mac lineup. The price reductions range from $31 on the Core i5 Mac Mini to almost $300 on the high-end Mac Pro. We spoke to a Best Buy sales associate, who confirmed these price drops went into effect last ...

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Qualcomm, Intel provide source code in patent battle

Apple has some unusual bedfellows, Intel and Qualcomm, in a patent infringement case that it's fighting with Samsung in Australia. According to a Bloomberg report, Intel and Qualcomm agreed to provide the Australian court with source code that'll prove Apple isn't infringing on patents held by ...

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