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iPhone 5s and 5c will be available in more countries on Oct. 25

Apple has announced that the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c will be available in 35 additional countries starting October 25, including Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, French West Indies, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Lu...

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iPhone keynote video used to invalidate patent in Germany

The Federal Patent Court of Germany has determined that Apple's patent for a "Portable electronic device for photo management" is invalid due to the fact that Steve Jobs himself showed off the feature months before the patent was filed. The portion of the patent that has become an issue has to dea...

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Ultima Forever spotted on the Canadian App Store

If you've been waiting for Ultima Forever, the new iOS version of Ultima from EA, then it's here for you (kind of). The app has been spotted over on the Canadian App Store, and if you have an account over there, you can go and download it right now. The Canadian App Store is often used as a beta...

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Apple now allowing Paypal payment for Apple Store purchases (in Germany)

German users have noticed one other change from the Apple Store downtime last night, and that is that Apple will now accept Paypal payments through their store. You could previously use Paypal as a payment service on the iTunes and Mac App Stores, but you can't (in most places) on the ...

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Apple's two-step ID now rolling out to a worldwide release

Apple recently introduced two-step verification for your Apple ID in certain countries, and the process is now being expanded to the rest of the world. The feature, which requires two different codes for verifying your Apple ID (if you want to be extra safe) was initially only available in the US,...

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iOS leads Android in mobile ad revenue

Mobile advertising platform Opera Mediaworks has released its State of Mobile Advertising report for Q1 2013 and it shows iOS ads generate more traffic than any other mobile platform, including Android. Opera collects data through its advertising subsidiaries, AdMarvel, Mobile Theory and 4th ...

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Apple looking into "Location-Based Emergency Information" app for travelers

I'm an American, but I live in the United Kingdom and travel frequently to foreign countries in Europe. If there's one piece of technology that has most benefited the international traveler in the last five years it's been the iPhone. Having a personal computer in your pocket that lets you inte...

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What can you say to Siri in iOS 6: the international edition

Last year, Steve Sande and I put together a "What can you say to Siri" post that proved to be hugely popular. We'd been working on "Talking to Siri: Learning the Language of Apple's Intelligent Assistant", which we initially self-pubbed as an e-book, and then later moved to QUE publishing. This ye...

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The iPhone 5's confusing international LTE support

One of the iPhone 5's most exciting new features is LTE support -- cell phone junkies have been waiting for an iPhone that supports high-speed LTE networks for a while now, and the latest iPhone, coming this Friday, will do exactly that. But unfortunately for international users, the LTE suppor...

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App Store opens in 32 new countries

Apple continues its international march with the opening of the iOS App Store in 32 new locations, according to MacRumors. Tim Cook highlighted this expansion in the WWDC keynote when he discussed the success of the App Store. With the addition of these new locations, Apple now operates the App S...

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Videos of the new iPad's international launches

Phillip Elmer-Dewitt of Fortune's Apple 2.0 blog has compiled several videos from Apple's latest international iPad 3 launch, which kicks off today, Friday May 11. The iPad will land in 23 South American, Asian and African countries on Friday and seven Middle Eastern countries on Saturday. You ...

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Apple begins international launch of the iPad

Apple is starting to sell the iPad in twenty-five new countries today, Friday March 23. The list of new launch countries includes Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Macau, Mexico, The Netherlands, Ne...

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Apple sees 'huge opportunity' in Brazil

Apple's next emerging market might not be in Asia, but in South America. During the company's recent earnings conference call, Apple CEO Tim Cook identified Brazil as one of Apple's future growth areas. "I think there's a huge opportunity for us there, and we've more than begun to go deeper into B...

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Most of Apple's $82 billion cash stockpile is 'trapped' overseas

Apple may have enough cash on hand to make Scrooge McDuck's money vault look like a kiddie pool by comparison, but according to SeekingAlpha, most of that cash is effectively trapped overseas. US$54 billion of Apple's overall $82 billion in cash is in offshore accounts, and Apple cannot repatriat...

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iPhone 4S to launch in China, 21 other countries on January 13

Friday, January 13th is going to be a lucky day for iPhone fans in China and 21 other countries. On that day, the iPhone 4S becomes available in those countries around the world. In a press release this morning, Apple CEO Tim Cook reported that "Customer response to our products in China has ...

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